The Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on November 2, 2015

Hemp Seeds

Though its name might be a bit misleading, organic hemp milk is a perfectly legal, not to mention healthy, alternative for vegetarians or non vegetarians. Produced from the seeds of the hemp plant, this milk has only begun to be sold in the United States within the past few years.

One concern that people have about organic hemp milk is that it might contain some of the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is found in marijuana. Rest assured that this ingredient is not present or associated with hemp milk.

Another concern is that the hemp seeds must be imported since it’s currently not legal to grow the hemp plant in the US. Some hemp milk producers have to rely on obtaining hemp seeds from farmers in Canada or Europe, where the growth of hemp plants for oil or milk is perfectly legal.

Health Benefits of Organic Hemp Milk

Organic hemp milk is also a great alternative to toxic cow’s milk and those who cannot consume dairy because of dietary issues.

One 8-Ounce glass contains the following healthy nutrients:

  • 900mg Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • 2800mg Omega-6 Fatty Acid
  • All 10 Essential Amino Acids
  • 4 grams of Digestible Protein
  • 46% of RDA of Calcium
  • 0% Cholesterol
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Riboflavin

How To Make Your Own Organic Hemp Milk!

Combine the water and the Shelled Hemp Seeds in a blender. Use more water to achieve a skim milk consistency and less water to produce a heavier cream consistency of the milk.

Turn blender on high for 2-3 minutes, or until you reach your desired consistency. (I use the VitaMix™ brand blender)

After blending you can sweeten the milk by adding: Organic Agave Nectar, raw honey, or Organic Vanilla. Blend again to mix sweetener. You can drink it thick or strain it through cheese cloth to remove the large seed particles. The seed pulp can then be used as an excellent body scrub, facial mask or compost.


  • 1 cup hemp seeds (shelled)
  • 5-6 cups of purified water
  • Natural Sweetener, such as Agave Nectar or Raw Honey

Recipe Makes: 6-7 cups and will stay fresh for 3 days in the refrigerator in a sealed glass container (use a mason jar). Shake well before each use.

Parents: This is a very easy way to supplement a good source of organic protein, Omega-6 & Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids in your child’s diet.

Organic shelled hemp seeds can be purchased online. (I personally use or

Other Things You Need To Know About Organic Hemp Milk

It can be purchased in plain, vanilla, or chocolate flavors, and the boxes they are packaged in do not have to be refrigerated until after you open them. There are now multiple stores selling multiple brands, so if you are a consumer who prefers to stick to organic products, you should not have too much difficulty finding them.

Plain organic hemp milk contains no sugar, no cholesterol, and is free of soy and gluten. For many people, these factors make it an obvious choice for an abundant source of vital nutrients. The essential fatty acids, vitamins & nutrients that are contained in organic hemp milk provide a wide variety of health benefits.

Hemp Milk Benefits Include:

  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Clear, Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Strong, Healthy Heart
  • Increased Mental Capacity

NOTE: As with anything, you should always conduct a sufficient amount of research on any products that you are considering trying. There are actually quite a few different brands available on the market, and not all of them are made with organic ingredients.

Try to get in the habit of reading product labels on everything, not just food and beverage items. When you regularly read ingredients of the things you and your family are using or consuming, you will develop a greater understanding of labeling practices and what to look for to be safe.

Organic hemp milk may very well be the best alternative for those of you who either do not like cow’s milk, suffer from lactose intolerance, or are vegans. While the taste of it may be something that you have to adjust to, you might just find that you actually prefer it to any of the other milk products you have tried.

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! I am sure that this will very depending on the product your reviewing. I have used Manitoba Harvest products and I took a moment to ask them your question, here is what they say:
    Manitoba Harvest does not use or store any products that are known allergens. This includes:
    -Sesame seeds or its derivatives
    -Eggs or its derivatives
    -Seafood (fish, crustaceans and shellfish)
    -Milk or its derivatives
    -Peanuts or its derivatives
    -Tree nuts or its derivatives
    -Wheat or its derivates

    I have inquired with our Quality Assurance Team and was told that there are trace amounts of Salicylate in Hemp. They did not have specific amounts to provide me with as this is not something that is regularly tested for.

    I hope that this helps you, however if you have any other questions please feel free to contact Global Healing Center and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Take care and be well!

  • RatherBHighonTHC

    How about posting some scientific studies to support your “science” claims. All your references are to other articles making the same claims, and circularly referencing each other.

    Junk science if I ever saw it.

  • Léa

    Hi there, I am negotiating a salicylate sensitivity and I’m wondering if you are aware of the levels in hemp milk. I see a mention of it earlier in this discussion but perhaps you have more information? Thanks so much.

  • BforFreedom

    That’s too black and white. In general, you may be correct. However, milk (raw, high quality, pastured grass fed A-2 cows) has been used for thousands of years and in that state is a super food that has nourished many cultures. Probiotics, B-Vitamins and the like. We have been lied to by the diet dicto-crats about raw animal fat as history has proven the benefits. But again, I’m not talking about the drugged-up, commercial, low grade, pasteurized milk of today. Good high quality milk can still be found if you research and/or buy direct from the farmer. In California we have Claravale Farms and Organic Pastures which can be obtained through co-op stores, etc.

  • Shorty Hofmann

    I think it is important to know why growing hemp was made illegal .. ILL GOTTEN GAINS ROCKEFELLER DRUG WARS IT WAS ON YOUTUBE .IF YOU CAN’T FIND IT THERE TRY MY FACEBOOK PAGE I TRY TO POST IT AS OFTEN AS I CAN. I just checked my blood sugar it’s 5.2 that’s officially none diabetic . I take two things 1 is MALABIC sugar stabilizer and pure RSO CANNABIS oil every day. i had a stroke last year and i’m the only one that can tell now one year ago I also had high blood pressure and it’s mostly normal these days I don’t take any Prescriptions ..6 months no side effects and i’m getting healthier OH I drink 1 quart of hemp milk a day There are daily discoveries coming out on the efficacy of hemp and cannabis .

  • Craven Moorehead

    i make my own hemp milk….4 cups of cold filtered water.half a cup of hemphearts…..blend for 3 minutes…..delicious….i also mass produce it and keep it refrigerated in an oversize mason jar.

  • Andreas

    Im curious about the more precise amounts of the vitamins and acids in the hemp milk! I for one use whole hemp seeds, as shelled cost four times more…

    Would be nice to be able to calculate it more accuratly!
    I got the values for the hemp seed so the real question i guess is what you lose when you mix em?

  • GENE


  • GENE


  • Pia

    Please.. correct the article to say “vegans” instead of vegetarians in the last paragraph. Vegetarians can consume all the dairy they wany, while vegans refrain from egg, dairy and meat products. Otherwise, great informative article :)

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  • Badintense

    is the nature valley (walmart) omega 3-6-9 fish borage flax oil any good. i have been taking is since it is only $6 a bottle. it is supposed to move the aluminum out of your brain through your hair according to and Ed/Alex interview…

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  • kal98

    yes but where do u find this perfect milk I understand ca is having probels with raw milk now as is the rest of the country since the fda has outlawed unpasteurized raw milk, we bought a cow and live rural but can no longer provide raw milk. Using a small amt of homemade hempmilk is good for you!

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