Benefits and Dangers of Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite clay has strong internal cleansing properties and has become a popular ingredient in some detoxification programs. Many people have used bentonite clay to address symptoms of constipation [1], like bloating and gas. Some have even cited it as relieving symptoms of more serious conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay:

  • Remove toxic metals and chemicals following radiation treatments
  • Promotes healthy bacteria balance in the digestive system
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Helps colon cleansing
  • Boosts immune system

Why is Bentonite Clay Effective?

Bentonite clay has negatively charged molecules, which give it adsorptive properties. It’s able to pass through the intestinal tract and attract the toxins which are positively charged. When they are in contact with each other, they swap ions and are bound together and the toxic molecule is absorbed by the clay molecule.

Its absorptive abilities come from the low number of minerals that comprise it- only 17 minerals. This low number indicates a higher potential to absorb other molecules. The toxin molecules that bonded with the clay molecules are internalized in the clay molecule. In this state, your body can expel the toxin-filled clay in normal bowel movements.

Bentonite Clay Cautions

Bentonite clay is powerful and effective. Using bentonite clay in accordance with instructions seems to be safe but you should always consult a healthcare professional to assess your individual needs.

- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


  1. Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center. Constipation Symptoms. 2009 April 23.

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  • M_inOz

    Thanks for the information. My mom turned me on to Bentonite so I’m researching to learn more about it. Can you please tell me why elderly people shouldn’t take the clay? My parents are both nearly 70. Thanks

  • Cherish

    I am wondering also why elderly people cannot take the clay.

  • Jody

    I take synthroid every morning, is it ok to to take the clay in the afternoon? I have no thyroid and have to rely on the synthroid, I am just fearful of rendering the synthroid effects. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    Jody T.

  • Venice

    Hi Jody,
    If you’re taking synthroid in the morning, it’s best to take the Bentonite Clay just before you go to bed. This will give the clay enough time to do it’s magic whilst not interfering with your meds…. Good Luck….. This Clay is magic! Blessings….. Venice.

  • sjanl66

    I started the bentonite detox with the think HCG drops 500 calorie a day diet for 28 days. I did lose 30 pounds but after stopping the drops and the detox I started having joint pain in several areas of my body. My left wrist and hand was first then my left foot then I had a stiff neck then my left groin. My symptoms usually started in the evening or woke me up in the middle of the night from pain. My doctor tested me for gout but it was negative. I don’t know what to do , maybe stopping the detox is what caused me to have the symptoms.

  • fooligans

    I want to use clay that is along the walls of a tiny valley that makes up a 20 foot wide creek for my tadpoles, is it toxic? And if so, how do I remove the toxins? Thanks.

  • Caryn

    How on earth do you think anyone would know that?

  • Lisa

    Can this be taken at night to avoid interference with morning medications?

  • errol brown


  • Adhanom

    what is the most popularity use of bentonite?

  • KT

    You may want to try having a food antibody test done. This should be a blood test to see what foods your body treats like a foreign invader/virus, causing all kinds of problems including autoimmune responses. It could be that the clay was removing the toxins/invaders and when you stopped they began rebuilding in your system. Just a thought. I have dropped my blood pressure from approx 145/90(on medication) to about 126/70(for 2 weeks now) just by following and elimination of foods I tested positive to. I pray this is helpful





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