New Research Indicates Aluminum in Deodorant Linked To Breast Cancer

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

woman applying deoderant

We live in a world where the products that we use on a daily basis are actually laden with some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet.

Studies are now showing that continuous exposure to toxic chemicals in personal hygiene products, such as antiperspirants, may be related to allergic reactions, Alzheimer’s, and even breast cancer in women [1]. This may come as no surprise considering the fact that most deodorants are made up of aluminum chlorohydrate, as well as up to 20 other toxic chemicals.

Research into the Health Concerns of Aluminum

Recent research from a growing number of international scientists has indicated that the use of common antiperspirant may be linked to benign breast lumps, a condition which may make women more likely to develop breast cancer in the future.

A study from the Journal of Applied Toxicology conducted research on antiperspirant with high levels of aluminum [2]. The addition of aluminum, a chemical which enters the body through the sensitive underarm tissue, works to block our sweat ducts, thus reducing the amount of sweat that the body produces. But is this lack of perspiration and neutralization of body odor worth the constant daily intake of high levels of aluminum?

Similarly, a recent study from Reading University found that cancerous tumors are most likely to appear in the parts of the female breast which is closest to where antiperspirants are applied. Of the women studied, it was found that cysts in the armpit area of the breast had 25x more aluminum than the common amount found in blood.

Furthermore, aluminum acts with an estrogenic effect on the body, known to increase the incidence of breast cancer tumors when in excess. Sadly, this and other studies, show that aluminum exposure is not only related to increased chances of developing breast cancer, but also other diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Studies on the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease found that their brain tissue often held high amounts of the aluminum toxins [3].

      “Not a single cosmetic company warns consumers of the presence of carcinogens in its products.”


      -Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD

Environmental Medicine Specialist

The Toxic Chemicals Found in Antiperspirants

Chemicals in Antiperspirants

Chemical exposure in antiperspirants is not limited to aluminum. There are many other poisonous chemicals, including anti-freeze, in the conventional stick of antiperspirant. Paraben, also a common ingredient in many deodorants, has been linked to higher risks for breast cancer, due to the estrogen-mimicking effect.

Studies done by the U.S. Toxicology Program in 1997 found that hormone disruptors such as PropTEA and DEA, other normal ingredients found in deodorants, were reported to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in animals [4].

Other chemicals such as FD&C colors, triclosan and quaternium compounds have been found to lead to cancerous diseases, dermatitis, allergies and asthma-like symptoms in both animals and humans. Over 90% of the chemicals used in fragrance additives to common personal-care products come from petroleum.

WARNING! These other products may contain Aluminum!

  • Antacids
  • Vaccines
  • Cookware
  • Dentures
  • Lipstick
  • Toothpaste
  • Astringents
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Baking Powder
  • Vaginal Douches
  • Processed cheese
  • Buffered Aspirin
  • Hemorrhoid medications
  • Anti-Diarrhea Medication

How to Eliminate Aluminum From the Body

  • Stop using common antiperspirants. Switch to mineral-based antiperspirants, or even better, a natural deodorant, which does not block the sweat glands. I use the crystal salt deodorant and add about an ounce of colloidal silver.
  • Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins in general. Especially do not drink from Aluminum cans.
  • Further educate yourself on the toxins present in many of your personal care products. Remember, once ingested, aluminum can negatively affect the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver and thyroid. It also competes with calcium for absorption, leading to reduced skeletal mineralization.
  • My book, The Green Body Cleanse, describes all harmful toxins in detail and how to eliminate them from your body and home
  • If you have been using an aluminum-laden antiperspirant for some time, or drinking from aluminum cans, it is a good idea to do a heavy metal cleanse. The goal is to flush them out before they have time to do serious damage to your body.


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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • This something i’ve been trying to convince my girlfriend of for years now. She doesn’t believe that aluminum will harm you, even if your exposure is extremely high. I just emailed her this article, hopefully she will learn something about it. Thanks Dr. G!

  • Some research shows that those with a repeated appearance of benign breast lumps may be more likely to develop cancer, and has some women swearing off the use of deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum.

    One cancer researcher, Philippa Darbre, of Reading University, is conducting a study of the levels of aluminum found in breast cysts, blood, and breast milk. Her research has found that levels of aluminum in cysts in the armpit area are 25 times the normal blood sample level.

    “We don’t know what the mechanism involved might be, but this might be a wake-up call about the risks of anti-perspirants. Either women should stop using them or the manufacturers should look at ways of reformulating their products.” – Darbre

    Claire Dimmer, of Breast Cancer UK, feels strongly that antiperspirants should not be used, and hasn’t used them herself for over 15 years.

    “Aluminum is in most of them and it mimics the effect of estrogen, a hormone known to promote growth of breast cancer tumours” – Dimmer

    The bodycare and cosmetics industry deny any connection between aluminum in antiperspirants and cancer, but then again, why would they want to admit that? Cancer researchers also claim no conclusive evidence between the use of these products and cancer.

  • NHE

    I was actually just having a conversation about this with a friend of mine recently – we were discussing old spice high endurance vs. toms of maine – and I was telling him that while I don’t think toms does quite as good a job as Old Spice at minimizing stink – I have found that as I changed my diet (for the better) over the last few years that it has made a tremendous difference!

  • Believe me this is only a tiny drop in a very large ocean!!
    most personal care products are loaded with toxins and cancer causing chemicals. These companies have got away with it for to long, the green movement is bringing issues to light.

  • Maria

    Thank you for writing this article and informing men and women about the danger of harmful chemicals, like aluminum, present in antiperspirants and deodorants. Detoxification protocols can help ride the body from these and many more harmful chemicals people are exposed without even knowing. These chemicals are very dangerous and can affect women who are planning to conceive, are already pregnant or lactating. A warning should be on the label!

  • kit rutland

    I feel strongly about this aluminum issue. People still use these cheap deodorants and it’s so dangerous. Thanks for posting.


    I am an example of a toxic deodorant case. I have the rare form of breast cancer with no primary feeding the small tumour’s that are in the skin under the armpit but in the breast tissue. The cancer is oestrogen fed. The only way the oestrogen could have got in that area is with deodorant of which I have used the same one for 20yrs or more. I shave under my arms and have nicked the skin on my right armpit a few times as I am right handed and shave the armpit with my left hand. The deodorant could have entered in large doses. I was totally unaware of the dangers. until 2007 when Daily Mail did an article on the subject. I have not used any since. I have had 4 operations on this area since 2004. The surgeons are totally baffled but I want to and will prove that something in this deodorant caused my cancer. I am 100% sure. If I can prove this, and I will give it my best shot. These cosmetics Companies will be shamed and bought to justice. And save the shock, extreme discomfort, stress, and possible lives through the use of there products.


    The product in my case was very expensive, for a deodorant. The price is not an issue here, its what’s in the product.

  • Stephanie Greenwood

    Also remember that those “crystal” deodorants contain aluminum!

  • Ara

    Beside the obvious concerns about Aluminum, I have very sensitive skin and struggled for several years to find a toxic-free deodorant that WORKS – until I found the DeodoMoM. This deodorant is not only aluminum free, it’s also scent and color free. In the past 7-8 years, I switched from one natural deodorant to another and learned from experience that none has been nearly as effective as DeodoMom – it remains effective for at least two days. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. They also have several good informational pieces about aluminum toxicity on thier website.

  • Greg Shea

    Yes, thank you for continuing the fight against big corporations.
    Anyone who doesn’t understand the Occupy movements around the world and started in NYC, needs to WAKE UP!

    We are being manipulated. The worst part of this is that the pharmaceutical companies have a lot to gain by keeping us ignorant, and very very sadly, dealing with diseases, illnesses and unhealthy conditions (diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc.), has become BIG BUSINESS! These so-called “charitable” organizations are just as subject to and inclined to lobby groups as any political party.

    Trying to get rid of aluminum, in all its forms, from our bodies will be an almost impossible task. It is in way more things than even current lists suggest. I was not a person interested in conspiracies, but I am heading that way. The Chemtrail issue is truly frightening.

    One point I will make is that aluminum is NOT a “heavy metal”, but it does not clearly have any use in our bodies. The Alzheimer’s Foundation here in Canada virtually denies any link between aluminum and Alzheimers. What folly!

    Thank you again for your diligence.

    Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan, BC)

  • Aroba Rashi

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  • Dave

    Has this information been presented to the FDA?

  • dust

    WHAT ABOUT Chemtails, aluminum and the air all the time..

  • Joyce

    Well-written article. I’ve been avoiding aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants for 10+ years. I used to make my own deodorant at home, but started using Lavilin a few years later. Recommended to me by a friend, and my dermatologist was using it as well, so I figured it had to be worth a shot. Fantastic product.

  • Y.S

    Just use sodium bicarbonate with water to melt it on your skin. Let it dry or use a hair drier if you’re on a hurry. Problem solved.

  • mary

    I stop to use deodorant after 2 months of sever stomach acidity and armpit glands swollen and all my pain disappear in about 1 week.
    Now i’m tying the crystal and again my glands are swollen and I have acidity ….. I don’t think this crystal is safe.

  • mel

    I like how i opened this site and have a big advertise of old spice just in this same page here from sao paulo brazil. LOL!!!
    Are we promoting alluminium content products ?

  • Edward Group

    Where? Hope not.

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  • Velveeta

    Wow! Under my armpit is where all of my discomfort is and has been for years. I have had benign cysts and now calcifications. This is worrisome. I am switching my deodorants today. Any suggestion on which one has no aluminium?

  • This article has a great, easy recipe for homemade baking soda deodorant:

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