6 Benefits of Liver Cleansing

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A glass of liver cleansing juice. Many people ignore liver cleansing, but there are some benefits linked with the practice.Your liver is responsible for processing toxins in the body, so you’ll want to keep it working at its best. Sometimes, though, diet or lifestyle can catch up to us, and, if that happens, a liver cleanse becomes necessary. With a cleanse, you’ll certainly get rid of all that toxic buildup, but there are lots of other perks as well.

6 Benefits of Liver Cleansing

Many people disregard liver cleansing, but there are some benefits associated with the practice. Not only does it jump start a healthy eating program, it may also help you lose weight. Just what can liver cleansing do for you? Well, here are just 6 pretty great benefits.

1. Weight Loss

Your liver produces bile, which the digestive systems use to break down fat. And since liver cleansing promotes bile production, detoxing your liver might be just the place to start if you want to lose weight.

2. Immune System Support

Since the liver reduces toxins, among other things, it makes sense that a healthy liver is crucial to a strong immune system. [1] [2] Cleansing your liver could even give your immune system a boost.

3. Discourages Liver Stones

Liver stones, a product of diet, form because of too much cholesterol. [3] The extra cholesterol makes bile harden into tiny stones that can block the liver and gall bladder; you could even have up to 200 to 300 of these affecting your liver’s ability to detox. When you cleanse, though, somewhere between 100 to 300 of the stones could actually be purged from your body.

4. Supports Whole Body Detox

Since the liver removes toxins, turning them into harmless byproducts, there are usually small amounts of toxins in your liver. This is generally not a problem. Issues start, however, when there’s a buildup of too many toxins. That’s when you need to detox in order to get your liver working exactly as it should.

5. Boosts Energy

Some of the harmless byproducts the liver makes are actually nutrients the body will use. Whether from liver stones or too much toxic build up, some of those nutrients simply won’t make it back into the bloodstream. When that happens, your energy levels will likely drop, so liver cleansing will make you feel better because not only will you have all of your nutrients—but also all of your energy.

6. Increases Vitality

Remember that by cleansing the liver, you’re restoring it to peak efficiency. Reducing all that toxic buildup will make your skin look brighter and healthier. And since promoting bile production helps with fat breakdown, you’ll also tone your body easier and could even look and feel at least five years younger!

If you’re ready to make a change for the better, a liver cleanse might be a great start. You can get the full liver cleanse instructions right here. If you’ve performed a liver cleanse before, leave a comment below and let us know what difference it made for you!

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  • Sherry Pierce Smith

    Okay, it all sounds good, now how do we do the cleanse?

  • Great question! The liver cleanse kit and full instructions are available here.

  • Sherry Pierce Smith

    So you are advertising your products? I thought you would tell us how to do it ourselves. Disappointing.

  • Sorry Sherry, a few items are necessary to perform the cleanse. Although if you look at the instructions, there’s a lot more going on than just taking a product.

  • Mike

    Is the pictured kiwi, lemon, and spinach part of that cleanse?

  • karen

    Can you put the Epsom salts in a empty capsule and take them that way?

  • Yecca FoFecca

    Have you tried these products?? They are PHENOMENAL!!!! Seriously the best of the best. You can take other products with the exact same ingredients, but none of the results are as consistent nor do they match the quality/quantity of power that they behold! Detoxadine, Female Fuzion and Latero Flora are my favorite! Can’t wait to try the Livatrex next! These products really put the life back in you!

    You could most likely do it yourself with other good organic ingredients, but I am sure that NOTHING would purge out as much toxins/stones as much as this product and I haven’t even used it, yet!

  • Lora Reppenhagen

    I am making this an annual practice! It’s not the easiest thing for me, but the benefits are SO beneficial. I do the liver cleanse one week, take a break for a week, then do the kidney cleanse. Although I wait till after Superbowl Sunday to start….It’s a perfect way to jump start my fitness routine ramping up for summer fun. I’m going to be 50yrs old this year and I swear….I feel 30!! This year, I got my 20yr old daughter on board…hoping she also develops a lifelong passion for fitness and inner health. Thank you Global Healing for the easy plan

  • nathan

    There are MANY articles that detail liver cleansing foods, herbs, spices, etc. to incorporate into your diet. You could purchase all the ingredients yourself. The Liver Cleanse Kit, allows you to take a 3-4 month commitment and get a thorough cleanse in just 5 days. Totally worth it. Or, do it through diet. Your choice.

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