5 Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-formed sedimentary mineral rock. It’s derived from the remains of diatoms, or oceanic unicellular algae. [1] Diatoms are over 30 million years old and are formed from the cementation of microscopic algae-like plant remains into the earth’s surface. These clay-like, chalky remains are usually found in the form of a thick, white, siliceous powder known as diatomaceous earth. [2] Often used to support body cleansing, some research also suggests it’s a natural tool for promoting normal blood lipids, detoxing toxic metals, and fighting harmful intestinal organisms.

Health Benefits

The use of diatomaceous earth knows no bounds, and has many applications in cosmetic, agricultural, and cleansing realms. It’s been extensively investigated and some interesting benefits have been discovered.

1. Natural Source of Silica

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is composed of approximately 85% silica. [3] This important, trace mineral is required by tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and bones. [4] The nutrient even contributes to almost every vital organ, including the heart, liver, and lungs. Food was the primary source of naturally-occurring silica before modern farming practices depleted the soil. It is suggested that only 1/3 of the silica we need is available in natural, plant-based foods.

2. Promotes Skin Health

Because diatomaceous earth is a strong abrasive, it is often used as a toothpaste and facial exfoliator. The process of exfoliation is important in skin care as it helps to remove dead skin cells that may give the appearance of tired, worn-out skin. The product’s natural silica content is also necessary for healthy skin, teeth, hair, and nails, and the product is often touted as a potent beauty mineral.

3. Supports Heart Health

Research has also shown that food-grade diatomaceous may offer positive benefits for cholesterol levels and encourage heart health. [5] Nutrients such as silicon, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and other trace minerals are available in diatomaceous earth, giving rise to a practically endless supply of health benefits. Most of these nutrients play a role in building and repairing of muscles and bones.

4. Natural Pesticide

One of the most common uses for diatomaceous earth is as a natural insecticide. Studies indicate that this clay-like powder can kill the harmful insects that threaten crops and home life. [6] Due to the incessant use of pesticides, many insects have become resistant to chemical deterrents. This organic pest control method is helpful for reducing the amount of environmental toxins we’re all exposed to.

5. Internal Cleanser

Diatomaceous earth acts as a mild abrasive topically as well as internally. It can help to remove intestinal invaders and other harmful organisms from the digestive tract. As an internal cleanser, diatomaceous earth may aid cleansing by supporting regularity and assist in removing toxic metals. [7] Some studies have shown diatomaceous earth to be very successful in ridding animals of harmful organisms. Food-grade diatomaceous earth placed in the feed of livestock may help discourage fleas and other harmful bugs. [8] Make sure that all diatomaceous earth is labeled “food grade” and is untreated and unheated!

What are your favorite uses for diatomaceous earth? Leave a comment and share your experience!


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  • Psalm19

    My wife and I work in the animal care field and we’ve noticed the increased rates of cancer and disease in people’s pets as well as many of the traditional allopathic flea and tick preventatives becoming ineffective. After intensive research, we opted to include diatomaceous earth on our new dog’s food approximately two years ago. Despite being in North Texas where fleas and ticks are rampant, we have seen no sign of either. There is evidence that DE may even prevent heartworms. The best thing about DE is that it is “dirt” cheap! Just one more example how God’s natural, inexpensive way trumps man’s expensive, allopathic, deadly way.

  • Liz

    I am a huge fan of diatmoaceous earth. It got rid of my first — AND last! — run in with fleas almost a decade ago. We had JUST moved in to a new apartment with (TIGHT) carpeting, and I noticed some flea bite symptoms on my poor fur baby. We doused the place in DE (floor, fabric furniture, cracks, DOG), let it sit a few hours, then vacuumed everything up. Never had a problem with them again.

    No article on DE is complete, though, without mentioning how DANEROUS this stuff can be if inhaled. It’s basicallly like snorting powdered glass; it will cut up your bronchial system like little Edward Scissorhands. When applying (AND vacuuming) DE, we used goggles and respirator masks (ya know, the cheap “surgical” masks from Home Depot). So, anyone using this, just be careful not to breath it in when applying it.

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Good point, Liz, thanks for the input!

  • Sturzoo

    we use it for our dairy goats, dogs, cat,calves, chickens…….. the whole farm even us… we have no fleas, ticks, lice (on goats), the flies are less than before we started using DE also. we use it on ant beds to be rid of the critters. WE (humans) use it daily for all the above tnat was spoken of in this article.. We have now been using it for 4 years and LOVE DE…

  • Suzanne Duffy


  • canadawest

    I wonder if it is useful if one has gallstones?

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Good question! Anyone have experience in this capacity?

  • Psalm19

    I have also discovered through online research and personal experience that DE also seems to be effective in fighting candida. It’s worth a look!

  • Sherry T

    Would love to know how DE can help the lungs. (I know not to breathe it in.) Anyone had experience with it helping get rid of chronic bronchial asthma? I am new to DE and love what I see that it can do so far. Please tell me more and/or point me in the right direction of where to find info on this and help for asthma.

  • sendingthesheepofftoslaughter

    I am also a huge fan of this product. I dust the dogs and the chickens with it and put it in the bedding of the chicken coop. I was putting a tablespoon in my coffee everymorning, but I stopped drinking coffee and have not found another drink to put it in. I keep planning on juicing in the AM, I bet that would be a great way to ingest it. I found my intestinal system to work and feel the best while I was doing this.

  • ANiceNurse

    How much diatomaceous earth should be added to a dog’s food? Does it depend on their size? Also, what is recommended for people? I have been using it topically on my dogs.

  • drew

    I was broken out head to toe, the worst itch of my life, I went to my family docter, shown and told him, he said I had scabies, gave me permithrin cream, the problem kept getting worst, I thought I was gone to die, done private research found diatomaceous earth I used this product all over the house started drinking it twice a day and in one week I am 90% better with my skin and track marks are all most gone from the scabies no more itching, this product is from heaven and saved my life where docters couldn’t so glad I found this product.the fda need do research and market product for human consumption..thanks. drew

  • Janet

    I have candida does DE work?

  • maria brown

    good to know

  • E_Durkheim

    What about putting it in yogurt? Broth?

  • Midge

    How much should I take for my nails. They are horrible. :/

  • Laureen Zdvoracek

    I”ve been using DE for many years to rid the house of seasonal fleas also use it routinely on the chickens and dogs. It does not mix well with yougurt but It is great in my daily tonic of 1 heaping T. of organic honey, 1 heaping T. of nonsulphered black strap molass. and 1 Heaping T. of braggs apple cider vinegar (let it spill over a little) then I mix it well and add about 1 tsp. of the DE, mix well then add about 8 oz. of cold water and mix well and drink. I usually drink this 2x daily, once when I finish eating my first meal and then later in the day when I’m runing out of energy. One thing to be aware of is if this is the first time you are using the DE in your body you may experience some nausea, this is most likely caused by parasite die off, so do not stop taking the DE, tough this period out and in a few more days you will start feeling the benefits of both the DE and the tonic, Aloha

  • Laureen Zdvoracek

    does not mix well with yogurt, mixes well with liquids

  • Laureen Zdvoracek

    see my comments regarding tonic

  • E_Durkheim

    I mix it with yogurt ALL the time. It mixes just fine. Even better than with liquids because it stays suspended and dispersed. Was a suggestion more than a question.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    I just put it in water. To me (and to my daughter), it has a slight minty flavor. Not bad at all.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    The only way to find out if it works for you, is to try it, I think.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    In preparation for taking this supplement again, I’ve been researching DE (that’s how I came across this post/thread). I found that those who “mined” food grade DE had no lung problems. I’m guessing it’s the additives that are dangerous.

  • Ray W

    I started taking the Red Lake Earth brand. I called them today and they were adamant about humans not taking it; however, they did indicate that their grade was both food grade and feed grade. I am assuming they were saying this because of the strict regulations. So my question is this. Does that brand matter? Is there a different or better quality I should get or this brand fine?

  • Healthy girl

    I bought 100% good grade but it says not intended for human consumption . Is it safe?

  • Maria Emerson

    Grape juice literally makes it taste good I waz taking it everyday and I LOVE DE I need it I left my supply n haven’t had it n my energy has depleted n my pain came back and I haven’t been regular in the bathroom since I stopped taking it I literally feel worse without it I need it and LOVE it and it works for everything can someone help me get more I am %200 sure its wonderful amazing stuff and I don’t want to be without it ever

  • sendingthesheepofftoslaughter

    I buy mine from an online company I found. 4 gallon jugs for about $25.00. Sorry I lost the name and will have to search for it as my other computer crashed.

  • Shanti

    Go raw organic vegan and do liver and gallstone cleanses according to Andreas Moritz. Also get some chanca piedra or look at the products and advice on this website. Beware especially of eggs and dairy!

  • Shanti

    Try a raw organic vegan diet, no grains nor legumes, no refined things. Get rid of all perfumes and chemicals and off gassing carpets and furniture and take black cumin seed oil with a little manuka honey on an empty stomach one hour before food.
    As DE helps with parasites and candida it might also help you get rid of your asthma!
    Eat for 1-2 months without grains, even quinoa etc, nd see if you get well. Just heard of a woman who got rid of her migraines after one month without grains. And you don’t have to test positive for gluten sensitivities to be sensitive to grain protein.

  • Nicole

    You can put it in food too. Yoghurt,oatmeal, chocolate mousse,jelly. Some people even bake with it.

  • Bob Eddy

    Ants! I moved into a new apartment and had a horrible ant problem. I didn’t want to poison myself so I tried several natural methods…they didn’t work on any permanent basis. I resorted to commercial pesticides with the attendant orders and discomfort only to find they were not anything permanent either. I found some diatomaceous earth, applied it and the ants were gone in minutes — literally! On a couple isolated occasions they returned. A quick dusting and they were gone. I fought it for months and they were gone in minutes.

  • puppypuncher

    That was a bed bug infestaton and it was totally unnecessary for you to drink this stuff, but glad you got better.

  • lisancali


  • lisancali

    I Love Diatomaceous Earth and So does my animals . I use it for animals (ticks and fleas) Excellent for natural mineral makeup ,,To cleanse my body (Detox) and energy . To Strengthen my Heart and lube my Joints. I also have Degenative Disc Disease and take only DE for my pain. My world is about health more than anything as I get Older. I Love DE for my all around wellbeing. Most Important and Vital ,Our food is depleted of Silica so is the soil. It is so important to our bodies that we have it .Without Diatomaceous Earth we are in DANGER ,That’s why alot of people are having high blood and cholesterol and heart attacks ,Strokes and even Death .,Second most important for our bodies,First is oxygen. I tell everyone about Diatomaceous Earth because I believe that everything that GOD has Created has Amazing benefits for all of us as well as his HERBS, Love all of there healings and benefits . I would rather see individuals take something natural than take something with chemicals that harm our bodies. Our bodies are already trying to fight off all of these free radicals that we contend with every day especially in this Polluted California . I try and stay with Organic more than anything. Diatomaceous Earth should be in every household …… :) Ps. Diatomaceous Earth also cleanses your body of parasites and heavy metals too.

    Have a Blessed day!!!!

  • lisancali

    Yes DE works for Candida and parasites. If you have candida you might want to get checked for the H. Pylori . Most have it and don’t even know it.

  • lisancali

    Pool grade only is Dangerous.

  • lisancali

    Good for all parasites . This DE is amazing .

  • lisancali

    Its great in Tea .

  • lisancali

    You can buy it online Organic is best. I agree i feel horrible without it too.

  • lisancali

    More than likely it’s pool grade . No don’t take it , It’s TOXIC.

  • lisancali

    1tsp. For animals a day I give to my animals. For me I take 2Tbs.

  • lisancali

    Bile products for gallstones .

  • lisancali

    Apple Cider Vinegar is good for asthma . Mixes best with apple juice or tea.

  • GusD

    They very clearly said scabies, not bed bugs.

  • Andrik

    Hi Dr Group, I would really appreciate your advice. I have been using DE for about a year now and have experienced remarkable health benefits. So much so that i have told some of my friends about it and they have started taking it too and have been very pleased with its results. I have a friend who is in her fifties and has been menopausal for several years. She has been taking DE for about 6 months now and has had great benefits i.e. digestion, hair, skin, bones, energy. However she told me that she had started bleeding vaginally for a few weeks now. She went to her gynaecologist who told her that because she was menopausal and had not been sexually active for a while that she had ‘dried up’ internally and this had cause her vaginal wall to tear somewhat and caused something like stretch marks inside. This was on her first visit. When she went back she told him that she was taking DE and the doctor said that it was the DE that had caused her problems. He said that DE should not be taken by older women who no longer menstruate as the DE dries them up! I find this very very hard to believe. Silica is what skin is made of, how can it do your skin any harm? If anything it should make your skin healthier. I have tried to explain to her that the DE could not have caused this, but she is adamant that it was because her doctor said so! Even though her doctor may never even heard of DE before in his life! I would really appreciate your comments on this.
    Could you also advise if DE has any adverse effects for someone who takes Thyroxine? Is it ok to take DE with Thyroxine? Thank you so much.

  • Eileen M Ream

    Because of the texture, I do not prefer mine in a drink. I mix mine with my daily oatmeal or on my cereal in the morning. The texture then blends in great. I am fairly new to DE, but my cholesteral dropped 100 pts in three months with DE being the only change. Never going to stop now! :-)

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Food grade DE shouldn’t cause that, there are some more aggressive industrial grades that are harmful to inhale though.

    With thyroxine… hard to say. It’s always hard to say with pharmaceuticals. Check the included text and discuss with your prescribing doc.

  • Lane Kinney

    Yeaaaa someone said the dose. Is that the same for animals?

  • dmr

    I have read (I don’t know the validity, of course, because I read it on the internet) that some parasites can cause chronic lung issues. I don’t know if de will help with those or not ….

  • Ceri Farquhar Smith

    is it even possible to get organic?

  • Jenny

    thanks for sharing that….the article said it should NOT be treated w/heat and organic food grade, where can get the highest quality….?

  • lisancali

    It’s on Amazon , They send you a huge 10 pounds in a bag . My mom bought some $19.00 . I’ll get the name of the company.

  • Lisa Penn

    I Was also broke out from head to toe and since I Was already going through breast cancer treatment I was referred to a Skin Cancer/Dermatologist. First visit he told me it was prurgis nodules that it would go away after my chemotherapy stopped. Mind you this was in December my last chemotherapy treatment wasn’t until March. I Couldn’t take the breakouts or itching so I returned to the Skin dr. This time I was treated for scabies I used the permethrin cream. Went back two weeks later still the same results. This is now June and my arms and legs look like I am diseased! Skin Dr. Informs me that it was a combination of my nerves,stress and the amount of medication I am on. And I was told to come back in a month. One night I wake up to go to the bathroom and my whole right arm is swollen bites everywhere! I Said to myself no way is this in my head. I Went back stripped all the cover off my bed and in the corner of my mattress are 3 little bugs. I Killed them because I hate bugs! Put them in a Kleenex and googled them low and behold “bed bugs “. I Suffered 7 months, thought I was going crazy all because this Skin dr didn’t have a clue as to what bed bug bites look like and had me thinking It was all in my head! Needless to say I cancelled my next appointment with him and have had my room treated and slept in my spare room. No more bites! But I am scarred up from not only my cancer scars but something that could have been detected earlier and I wouldn’t have to cover my whole body in the middle of summer ! Always follow your instincts doctors are only taking an educated guess.

  • StevenF

    Are you confirming that Liz is correct stating that food grade DE is dangerous if inhaled?

  • Derrick Smith

    Do you even know what these organisms are? The internet has made everyone a doctor. Wow!

  • Derrick Smith

    Wow, you are just full of useful information. Where did you get your MD again?

  • Nick

    Highly unlikely that they are good for gallstones. The liver flushes gallstones by reaction to a certain treatment of oil etc.
    I have had over a 100 friends remove their gallstones by drinking olive oil and lemon juice . Me too done it many times . painless and simple. Just go on youtube and check out the many approaches.

  • Jax

    Doctors are just Practicing Medicine, so either way do your research.

  • http://www.brainout.net brain out

    My package just arrived from Amazon, the one you’re describing.

    The consistency is very much like talc, it’s a pistol to transfer from the large bag (just like the Amazon picture) to other containers, but I didn’t experience any blowback. Whiter than shown on the website or the bag in Amazon, link here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00025H2PY?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

    I don’t know if it will do good, I got it to get rid of my ants which have been in and out and biting me while I sleep, for a month. Never had that happen before. So I just drank a 50/50 mix of cranberry juice and water, with maybe a tablespoon of this stuff in it. Puts an ‘edge’ on the taste, nothing more.

    The ants disappeared after I sprayed them with babypowder talc, prior to this product’s arrival. Site says this stuff can be mixed with water in a slurry and then sprayed anywhere, becoming effective only when dried.

    That’s what I read from the website. Does it work? Well, I don’t know. Nor will I know about any claimed health benefits, either, for some time.

  • Jag

    Most Doctors are paid and educated by the drug companies. Also they are licenced killers
    only they do it very slowly and not held accountable.

  • jag

    Nothing constructive again from this idiot.

  • hana

    No, pool grade is dangerous but not necessarily because there are any additives. Food grade has less than 1% of crystalline silica while pool grade has 60% or more, which is what makes it dangerous.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t know.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    It sounds to me like her doctor was making stuff up.

  • http://ljnsvoice.blogspot.com/ Toni

    That’s a bit rude, Mr. Smith.

  • Deb Foster

    I ordered DE and it should arrive tomorrow, I am really excited for my husband and I to start taking it.
    I want to give it to my dogs as well. They are 3.5 and 7.2 pounds and eat dry dog food so not sure how to get them to take it. Everything I’ve read says mix it in their food but they eat dry kibble, not wet canned food. Any suggestions?
    I also have an ant problem and am soooo looking forward to using it to get rid of them!

  • Andrik

    Yea that’s what I thought Toni but just wanted to get some opinions in case there was something i didnt know. They just make things up as they go along. Im still taking it and feel great!

  • Melinda Rose

    Why, Derrick, do you have West Lee’s photograph as your avatar?

  • lisancali

    Ha-ha I’m no MD . I love all of Gods amazing Creation. His herbs are beneficial for all of our needs. Thank you Derrick πŸ˜‰

  • lisancali

    Silica most important next to oxygen. Your body is made of what? Internet blahh I believe nothing on the internet. Advice take yourself to a health food store they will give you more info with their MD certifications.

  • lisancali

    Myself I just sprinkle de everywhere. Interesting thank you for the info brain out. I’ve never mixed with water . Ants and all parasites can live when DE is around.

  • lisancali

    Oh and Derrick it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s healthy and beneficial for us.

  • http://www.brainout.net brain out

    Well, I had quite the ant invasion just after the DE arrived. Turns out one of my bags of cocadas was open, but I had it in a box, so didn’t know. The ants were very quiet, but by the hundreds, making a beeline behind my stove where I guess the nest is. How I missed them for several days, I don’t know, the path between box and stove is a short inside carpeted walkway. But once I saw them, I panicked, started dumping DE everywhere in the bag, on the cocadas, on the kitchen floor, carpet, everywhere.

    Took awhile for that many to disappear, but they did. That was end July. So far I’ve not seen them again, but honey, I still have nightmares of them biting me while I sleep. No more cocadas for me, either.

    Funny thing, they didn’t go after anything else, though I have a lot of open food.

  • Linda

    Great information and I have a question about my cat if anyone can help. She has a 1.5cm cyst which she just started biting and now there is a opening on one side which she keeps licking. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and sleeps a lot as usual. Can I/should I apply DE to the wound to help heel. Currently I am only using Colloidal Silver

  • Deb Foster

    Red Lake DE is NOT pure DE it is mixed with volcanic ash and clay. The best DE Is from Perma Guard, it is the purest you will get and is sold under many different lables, In Canada Star Lake sells it. In the States Earthworks Health sells it. I’m sure there are others that also sell Perma Guard.

  • Deb Foster

    Depends on the size of the dogs, I give my 3 lb yorkie 1/4 tsp and my 7 lb yorkie 1/2 tsp a day, I take 2 heaping TBS a day now but started with 1 tsp a day for 3 days, then 2 tsp for 3 days then 1 TBS for 7 days then upped it to 2.

  • Lois Gleim

    Hello Laureen,
    Does it help with pain?

  • Pat RIOT

    can’t spell earth without heart <3 diatomaceous

  • Jill Yerington

    Uhhh, I am a professional healthcare provider (who has seen the error/s and frightening ways of Big Pharma) with an undergrad degree in bio chemistry and I am here to tell you that the health food store clerks are not the end all be all of dispensing natural health care products. They are sales associate who in no way, shape or form have the ability to know everything they need to know, when it comes to giving out recommendations. That said, I’m sure they are trained and in serviced on and for the different products, with many truly having a passion for healthy living and all that entails. I have been to many and have been given wrong information and/or they were not able to answer more secondary questions. Do your due diligence if researching on the net, and make sure that you are gleaning your info from reputable sources-both medical and naturopathic.

  • Colleen Bruggman

    DE can be used as a hair volumizer. Just sprinke a little into your roots and voila! Instant volume.

  • lisancali

    I go based on what God has created and what God has created is for our benefits . our diets are depleted from soil and man thanks to big corporate Monsanto . Mother nature is giving it up . Diatomaceous Earth is just right for me.Mans opinions and Chemicals aren’t a part of my life. Silica is good for us . So individual’s 1 up on Diatomaceous earth.

  • lisancali


  • Laurie Annie

    Just because you do not have a certificate hanging on the wall does not mean you are not educated. I believe I know more than most doctors when it comes to nutrition and I’ve studied this for over 13 yrs to heal my son’s vaccine injury that ironically was given by an indoctrinated western doc. People are fed by the FOOD industry, which pays no attention to HEALTH ….AND…treated by the HEALTH industry that pays attention to no FOOD! All propaganda driven without one thought to health!

  • Casey Nelson

    i find that if i eat 2 cups of diatomaceous earth a day i feel like i could dry up a whole river

  • Lara Parkes

    I don’t bother mixing DE in water etc…I take a heaped teaspoon and have a bottle of water handy to wash it down..It doesn’t have a taste and it’s over in seconds…My dad suffered chronic diarrhea most of his adult life…Since taking DE, it has completely stopped and his stools are soft and no more sitting on the toilet for more than a few minutes…DE food grade is the only one you should take for yourself and animals..My skinny little dog is filling out and I’ve seen dead worms in his stools..No more sliding his butt on the ground..This stuff gives you energy, removes toxins from your body and your skin will improve in a few weeks…Feed your dog a teaspoon a day in his food and watch him get well and his coat shine…I don’t feed him canned food..He eats chicken giblets, cooked and raw,mixed with pure butter and grated carrots and apples and a teaspoon mixed in his food and he loves it….Occasionally i mix in brown rice…I rub DE into his coat weekly, just a bit otherwise it makes his coat dry..He has no fleas at all..You can buy DE on Ebay and shouldn’t pay more than 20 dollars for 500gms…DE is really fantastic..I’ve been using it for 3 years now, daily and my cholesterol is normal, my hair is strong and my energy levels are great.

  • Lara Parkes

    The internet has allowed people to take care of their own health without shoving a pill down their throat..

  • Lara Parkes

    Rub in some Black Seed oil …It gets rid of any inflammation on your skin in days..Any open wound it clears up very quickly..Another miracle oil.

  • Jill Yerington

    Jeez, ……sensitive much? You don’t know jack CRAP about what who I am or what I believe in. Did I say that I was an MD? I am %110 against Big Parma….I believe that everything that we have here on this blessed earth is perfectly suited to and for our health and health maintenance……WITHOUT synthetic laboratory made poison that is pushed and crammed down our throats.

  • Jill Yerington

    And I feel exactly the same way! The food that is offered is either full of pesticidal poisons, GMO’s, chemical compounds that our bodies (namely, our liver’s) don’t know exactly how to metabolize therefore it sets off a very different metabolic cascade, all of which is extremeley harmful. And evidenced by so much unnecessary sickness and chronic disease state’s. Our fore father’s were hunter’s and gatherer’s, with a diet of fruit, nuts, berries, and meat,……….they didn’t put in all these preservatives, food colorings, and non bioidentical compounds in their bodies.
    Yes, I KNOW all about soil depletion and the fact they (non organic/conventional)are not fetilizing or even replenishing with something as paramount to life as magnesium. Hello! So.Many.Disease.States.Are.Caused.By.This.Very.Important
    In. Our. Soil/Food/Water. Don’t even get me started on the state and quality of our water supply.
    And yes, I absolutely ADORE diatomaceous earth!!! I use it,- got my entire family using it. Even cleared up my 4 yr old AND 18 yr’s old Keratosis Pilaris!! Worked like a charm. Amazing rate of nail and hair growth- crazy! Cleared up my Mother’s years old toenail fungus beautifully. Scrubs your insides (entire GI tract) clean from the inside out- absorbing and carrying out heavy metals, candida overgrowth, parasites, and basically anything that is not healthy.

  • Dee Walker

    I have been doing some research and looks like it has a (very) high aluminum content. I was at this site because I use dome of Dr Groups products and looking for an answer as to whether or not it is safe to injest with such a high aluminum content.

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center
  • Dianne Brown Iszczenko

    I just mix a tablespoon w/juice at night before bed.

  • Dianne Brown Iszczenko

    I mix it w/juice.

  • Jan

    I just got shipment in and tryed a heaping teaspoon in some water but the water looked like dirty water and the tasted like dirt. Did I put too much in the water? How else you you take it. I bought mine from earthworks health.

  • Mslee901

    I take DE with food or drink, but I also used it to polish sterling silver, and it works great!

  • Anne Armstrong

    Does DE food grade have any health benefits?

  • trav

    Don’t purposely inhale DE, and try to not inhale DE by accident either. You never know!

  • Riccardo Scatola Cranica

    I use it to keep my hens worm free.

  • Rita Rhome

    I was looking for something for high cholesterol and I researched and found De I bought a five pound bag and started taking a tablespoon in the mornings what it did it made me so constipated it was ridicules but I took care of that and I keep taking it, I had a doctors apt and my collateral levels were low and my blood pressure was staying normal, my nais grew long and hard my hair was growing fast and it has not been no more than two weeks.,I noticed I was losing weight because everytime I go the the store they have the big scale and I was dropping pounds not water weight.But the most miraculous thing happened to me, I also use to have headaches everyday and I found out I had a aneurysm in the frontal lobe of my brain while taking DE the tird week my gums were bleeding and I was spitting up a few clots of blood coming from my gums,I immediately though it was the DE because I never had that problem so I stopped taking it and my gums stopped bleeding after three days of not taking the DE. and I was also taking black seed oil and it really is a healing oil ,so I had an appointment to take an MRI to see if the aneurysm was not getting larger because it was really inva dangerious place but all aneurysms are dangerous it can kill you at anytime.I got the MRI done and there were no sign of the aneurysm the DE feed my brain with silica and the clots that came from my gums were the brain getting rid of the aneurysm thats what D E has done for ‘me I no longer have headaches and I believe in alternative .medicines God said everything he ‘made was good.Black seed oil is also a great healer for the body.and turmeric is good for diabetes and joint pain. Thanks it’s all true.

  • LisaM

    WoW! I have heard some great benefits to the DE but this is an incredible story.
    I am so excited for you and anyone else it could possibly help in such a manner.
    I was using a non food grade for bugs/ants ect.
    I have just started the food grade with great anticipation for myself and my dog.
    Any comments on energy would be appreciated. That is what I ultimately seek to feel better with an increase in energy. I have migraines as well so this has given me great hope.
    I have been putting it in my dogs water in hopes of helping with skin and joint issues.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    What a blessing!

  • Jenner

    Thank you for the tonic recipe. I was wondering about how much to take daily.

  • Mary Beth Lyford

    I read that you are suppose to take it on an empty stomach and hr before eating. Does that really matter?

  • Pachamama

    I lost my memory and when I checked the medications prescribe by MD on of the ingridiance was aluminum, yes alominum. I I diary discontinue and in a short time I recover from memory lose. I went to the doctor and discussed the case with him, I asked him “don’t you know aluminum cause halzhimeir?” he said “there is no evedents” I went home and checked on the Internet and sure enough an MD in England published a study proving aluminum cause Alzheimer in the 50th. Why anyone will trust that doctor after that? Most of them have no idea about the human body. Just ask your MD how many hormone the human body produce? You will be surprise most MD who waste their time for years and ton of money can not answer this simple question.

  • Pachamama

    I would not dare to prove or disprove your theory. Be safe then sorry.

  • Pachamama

    I google thyroxine side effects and got this information: …”Contact your doctor if you have serious side effects of Levoxyl including headache, sleep problems (insomnia), nervousness, irritability, fever, hot flashes, sweating, pounding heartbeats or fluttering in your chest, changes in
    your menstrual periods, or appetite or weight changes.” Notice “changes in your menstrual period” this is a red flag however do the research and find out information.

  • alli

    I have a problem ( fatty liver disease) and have to be careful with certain foods. My doctor believes anything I eat will directly affect my liver and is therefore strongly opposed to anything ‘ alternative ‘ or detox of any kind..
    I tried DE for a few weeks but felt quite unwell and stopped taking it…Thoughts ??

  • WendyM

    hi LisaM, I used to get migraines a lot but found it was dehydration – apparently a lot of sufferers are dehydrated. Also, i changed my diet (more Paleo style now) which agrees better with me. I’m curious how you’re getting on as you posted this a month ago. I have ordered some and am looking forward to trying it.

  • WendyM

    Thanks for sharing Rita – so interesting. I’m delighted for you.

  • http://Reorganizehealthcare.com/ Ron Anthony

    It would be logical to stop taking the stuff for a while and see if the bleeding stops.

  • Karen Fair

    I wasn’t under the impression that she drank DE…I thought she was just posting about Dr & following gut instinct. Maybe I missed something.

  • nancy

    If you like V8 juice, it mixes well in that.

  • rainbow22

    I mix mine in plain cold water, love that earthy flavor. Husband and I have been doing food grade for 3 years now… and we dust the cat and cushions with it.

  • Deanna White

    2 cupsof De is way to much. One thing no one has mentioned on here that I have seen is that it is very important to drink lots of water when taking DE. I have never seen anywhere that recommends taking more than 1 or 2 Tablespoons. You need to work up to that amount gradually and follow that up with plenty of water.

  • Undecider

    Don’t bother with the FDA. If they catch on, this stuff will be banned.

  • Lisak3

    Try Milk Thistle. It literally cures liver problems and liver heals itself. Tumeric Curcumin and Cayenne heals a multitude of issues as well. Look into

  • Richard Rozborski

    How much do you use per his body mass?

  • everything

    Probably gave him intestinal parasites and the DE killed them off. Just google Diatomaceous Earth dosage dogs

  • cwdesign

    I accidentally inhaled a very small amount of food grade DE and had lung problems for a year. Coughing and a rough feeling in lungs when deep breathing. My breathing is almost back to normal now, but it was a real problem for awhile. I imagine it would be worse for someone that already has lung issues, which I never had before.

  • camysia

    Does anyone know if DE can raise blood pressure? Does it contain a high amount of sodium?

  • Sara

    Thanks Laureen! Do you think it would work ok in a smoothie?

  • Sara

    Also, what brand do you use?

  • Hellennii

    I would still be suffering now if i hadnt become my own docter by using the internet! Do you not realise its all a scam, legal drug dealers most docters. If everyone was given DE twice a yr, like i worm my dogs and horses the world would be a healther place, say no more!

  • gretchen

    yes, i agree!

  • gretchen

    I started researching natural cures when my son had an MMR shot at 18mos and changed overnight. Of course now we know it was the thimerisol! He’s 27 now and does his own research. Most doctors these days will give you whatever drug you want.I avoid them at all costs!

  • gretchen

    love this!

  • gretchen

    I love your posts..been using DE for awhile now! I’ve gone down the same path as you..always prefer organic and God’s medicine! Almost died several times in the hospital after a stroke and very bad care. When I finally got out..I never went back to conventional medicine. I like holistic treatments and doctors~

  • Stacy

    It depends on what “grade” of it that you use. If you use “food” grade, the one you eat, it is safe. I get a product called Pro Pet Powder for Earthworks & he & I take just the straight “food” grade. The Pro Pet has enzymes, probiotics, etc. for cats & dogs.

  • Stacy

    What happened to you is, I am sure, very rare. I am sure this hits my nose & probably lungs almost every day & have never had a problem. When I just put in a small glass of water & put it in the glass first, it dusts up a little from the glass when I put it under the fridge door water dispenser. And I also sprinkle it on top of my cat litter in my cats’ boxes that I keep in their bathtub. Everytime I am done cleaning them I have dust in my nose, a mixture of DE & cat litter dust. I just blow my nose & wet a Q-tip & rub in my nose & I am fine. I am sure the dust of the two are not any worse than my smoking. Although they are of pipe tobacco & not commercial, I am sure just bc they don’t have all of the chemicals they are still harmful. I’d love to quit but his adopted widowed mother still lives & the most vain, not “b”, but “c” I have ever met!

  • Stacy

    Yes, it’s good in a smoothie. That is how my fiance’ takes it. He gets strawberry whey protein @ Walmart & thaws a cup of frozen fruit & adds it. He just uses our hand held Rival mixer (he says it’s an emulsifier). We get ours through Earthworks Health in Norfolk, NE. We get 4 2.5 lb. containers for $23. (1 800 228 5836).

  • mary

    I agree. My husband had diabetes and heart problems. His Heart doc kept adding drugs to his diet until he was taking 11 different meds several times a day. They destroyed his vital organs . The day he died he had bloody diarreah and bloody vomit. His Primary care Doc, the kidney doc and I objected to some of the meds but were always over ruled by the heart doc .My husband was intimidated by him, he would have taken whatever he prescribed in fear of losing his life which he lost despite all the pills that were supposed to help him.. Some Docs keep the FDA in business..

  • mary

    So sorry you had to go thru this. Some docs just don’t keep up with the latest discoveries. Although bed bugs have been around forever . I hope you let others know how ignorant that doc is. Don’t forget to sprinkle DE in the folds of your mattress and maybe even your couch and other cloth furniture. Good luck and good health.!

  • mary

    Thanks to the internet, I discovered DE. I am finally rid of ants that invaded my home and pet food bowls for the past too many years. Just sprinkled it over the ant hills and around the front and back porches.

  • Debra Sellitti

    I take 3 to 4 tablespoons almost daily n it gives me super stregnth. I feel powerful younger n strong.i read about it to see what others say about d e food grade as often as I can.all good. I give to my dogs seems good for them as well.i love it. I feel less pain in my legs knees all aches n pains become less to almost gone n scary that there gone.when I skip 3 days my pains return.d e food grade is a good thing .Debra s from long island ny.

  • keikeeo

    2 cups? You meant to type 2 tbls, right?

  • Paulo

    Carbon Lisa.

  • Paulo

    Yes you can use in smoothies , I take it daily in smoothies, I usually put a tablespoon of food grade DE then another 5g of Moringa powder then 20g of hemp protein powder and then 30g of whey protein, add any fruits that are about such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc, you get the picture then add some mineral or filtered water, approx 300ml then blend and chugg it. I only do this in the morning because it gives real energy, if you do this PM be prepared to see the small hours lol.

  • Paulo

    Look up serrapeptase it helps with pain of all kinds also a supplement called ashwagandha.😊

  • Paulo

    Well said Lisa, I agree whole heartedly πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Paulo

    Just remember that when drinking any fruit juice all you are getting is the sugar of that fruit, none of the fibre so just bear that in mind ( cancers love and feed from sugars)

  • Paulo

    Mix up a little gravy and mix the DE in that then pour over your dog kibble my staffie loves this.

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