3 Early Signs You Have Kidney Stones

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A person holding his lower back area. Most kidney stones pass through the urinary tract with no trouble.

Kidney stones are often called the worst pain on earth. Personal horror stories abound about them. No wonder, look at the photo, can you imagine passing that? It’s easy to believe that horrific pain would be the only sign you’ve developed a kidney stone, but what if there are other early warning signs? Great news, there are signs that you have an impending stone, and being aware might give you enough time to deal with it before the pain really hits.

What Is a Kidney Stone?

As the term implies, a kidney stone is a hard deposit, which can be located anywhere in the urinary tract from the kidneys to the bladder. Stones form when urine is too concentrated, allowing crystals to form. [1] What they’re made of determines which of four types they are:

  • Calcium stones, the most common type, consist of oxalate, phosphate, or carbonate. These account for 75-85% of all stones.
  • Uric acid stones are formed from uric acid.
  • Struvite stones are made from calcium, magnesium, and ammonium phosphate.
  • Cystine stones, which are hereditary, come from a build-up of cystine, which is not adequately reabsorbed, combined with lysine, arginine, and ornithine.

    Three Warning Signs

    Most kidney stones pass through the urinary tract with no trouble. Unfortunately, some do not. Left untreated, they can result in terrible pain. Of course, you do not want to wait until that happens, so knowing early symptoms can save you some real misery. Here are 3 signs that you may be developing a stone.

    1. Urinating Frequently

    Men are much more likely to suffer from kidney stones, so many men try to ignore frequent urination because it’s also a symptom of prostate problems, something that many men find difficult to face. Do not ignore frequent urination. Not only is it a nuisance that can interfere with your daily activities, it can also be a flag for a serious problem. If it proves to be caused by a kidney stone, catching it early may save you from incredible pain. [2]

    2. Blood in Urine

    Blood in the urine can have many causes, including infections. But don’t make any assumptions about it. If your urine is discolored pink, red, or brown, it could be caused by a kidney stone. If you try your favorite home remedy for urinary infections and it doesn’t work, do not ignore the problem, try another. [3]

    3. Repetitive Urinary Tract Infections

    Kidney stones can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). As a result, if you’ve recently healed one, only to realize that you are getting another, it may be because of a stone. Do not simply repeat treatment of a UTI, or you may end up with another horrific kidney stone experience!

    If you experience any of these indications, don’t ignore it! The earlier you discover kidney stones, the more likely it is that you will be able to take care of it with natural methods.

    Of course, don’t forget about supporting the health of your kidneys. We hear about the benefits of liver cleansing all the time, but the kidneys are the other major organs for toxicity removal. Keep in mind that certain foods and herbs can help clean your urinary tract and prevent stones from forming. Finally, do not forget to drink water! Remember that a primary cause of stones is concentrated urine, so keep yourself well-hydrated.

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    • N.C.

      Blood in urine can also be from a slow growing cyst that could be malignant. If it wasn’t for this telltale warning sign, I wouldn’t have been referred to a urologist who discovered the 4cm cyst from a CT scan.

    • If you’re having pain you may want to get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

    • Stephanie

      Will do. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for the publications and recommendations. My son have a tiny stone of 2mm and your recommendations help me to know what can I do to care about him.

    • Great! What remedies did you have the best success with?

    • StarDust

      I had a large kidney stone at age 34, was calcium. I’m sure it was from me taking so much Maloxx as I was suffering w/Acid Reflex at that time; I was taking Maloxx (w/calcium) after every meal. Fast forward 23 years, I just had my 2nd large stone! O^O I was stunned as my diet was so much better! Reflecting on this, it dawned on me that I’ve been ill most of this year (it’s Oct now) meaning, I’ve not been outside walking .. exercise is so important for overall health plus getting some sun (Vit D). I’m not a big consumer of calcium by any means tho do have veggies, etc that have oxalates. I’m thinking my biggest reasons for getting another stone are; not exercising, not drinking enough water (doing better w/that & having lemon water too). Hoping to never have another one!

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    • Sanjog Kharel

      i have stone in Gallstone in size 16.63 i done opration of left kidney just 4 month ago but again in my right kidey 3.7mm stone show what to do???????? i am 21 years male from nepal

    • Carol Sumpter

      Could I take the apple cider capsules instead of the liquid I do drink extra water with them ?

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    • Nikki

      I have been having tests in hospital the last two and half years for pain in my right side. I had a colonoscopy done late last year and ultrasound and xray. I was referred to a urologist in Jan this year and had an MRI on my kidneys last month and he said I have a kidney stone in my right kidney. I have been in severe pain the last few months and it’s now affecting my work life as my body feels so sore, and I feel I have constant inflamation. Any suggestions what I can take to ease the pain

    • Oz

      In the passed year I have developed some symptoms that are similar to gout and some slight sourness of my right side waist and back. Nothing difinative as the paines described here. My question is could these be early signs of what could be gout and kidney problems?

    • Kim Clinton

      @carol did you receive an answer? I do not see it in this thread.

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    • chinagirl7

      Can you pass a stone without any pain?

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