10 Uses for Organic Oregano Oil

oregno oil

Hands down, oregano oil is one of the best natural supplements you can get. It’s produced from the perennial herb oregano and loaded with free-radical-crushing antioxidants. A growing body of research has shown that oregano oil offers many positive health benefits and is one of the most potent natural remedies in existence. In particular, there has been significant evaluation of its effects against harmful organisms; investigations even been made by major pharmaceutical companies. Let’s take a look at why there’s so much interest in oregano oil and its 10 best uses.

What are the Top 10 Uses for Oregano Oil?

1. Fights Infection

There’s a lot of evidence to show that oregano oil is a powerful tool against the harmful organisms that lead to infections. One study straight from the United States Department of Agriculture reported that oregano oil has such a strong action against germs that it could easily fight Salmonella and E. coli.

These findings were echoed by researchers the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center:

    “New, safe agents are needed to … overcome harmful organism infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil)…offer such possibilities.”

2. Protection Against Harmful Organisms

If you’ve consumed undercooked meat or impure water, or countless other risky actions, harmful organisms are likely to be residing inside of your body. Thankfully, oregano oil has been shown to be extremely useful for helping to get rid of these unwanted invaders. One study examined the relationship between oregano oil and harmful organisms and found that taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily prompted a complete disappearance of harmful organisms in the body.

3. Source of Essential Nutrients

It’s not exactly a multivitamin but there’s no denying that oregano oil is loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc and vitamins C and E. It’s sufficiently high in iron, calcium, potassium copper, manganese, and niacin. As a secondary approach, oregano oil might help bridge the gap that so many people have between their nutritional intake and requirements.

4. Digestive Aid

I’ve said it a million times, health begins in the gut! Good digestion is absolutely required to experience good health. While I recommend using an oxygen-based colon cleanser periodically to clean out your digestive tract, stopping the build up in the first place also needs to be part of the plan, and oregano oil can help. Oregano oil is known to stimulate the flow of bile into the digestive organs, enhancing the digestive process.

5. Menstrual Aid

Irregular, uncomfortable periods and negative menopause effects are a big problem for many women; one of the best natural remedies is oregano oil. It may actually help support regular menstruation and protect against negative menopause experiences. For women, this is a substantial bonus to the already lengthy list of uses and effects of oregano oil.

6. Supports Graceful Aging

Perhaps the hottest health trend of the past few years is the science of combatting aging. It’s important to understand that aging is largely the effect of oxidation and free radicals, which is why antioxidants are so effective. Oregano oil offers a huge amount of antioxidants that can aid in the defense against these aging-accelerators.

7. Allergy Support

If you suffer from allergies and environmental sensitivities, the soothing properties of oregano oil are likely to be highly appealing. Oregano oil can produce sedating effect on the hypersensitivity of allergies, which ultimately encourages relief. For those wishing to avoid harsh medications and the accompanying side effects, oregano oil may be a natural alternative for curtailing the undesirable effects associated with environmental sensitivities.

8. Weight Loss

In addition to its reputation as a natural immune booster, oregano oil also packs a punch against unwanted body fat. Its active ingredient, carvacrol, is thought to modulate genes and reduce irritation in white adipose tissue. In one study, when fed a high fat diet, mice not given carvacrol quickly became obese. In contrast, mice given carvacrol gained significantly less weight and even had lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood.

9. Eases Discomfort

Aches and stiffness can wreak havoc and really impact quality of life. Many people use oil of oregano topically and say that it feels like it goes deep inside their skin to relieve soreness and muscle discomfort. Simply create a 50/50 mixture of organic oregano oil and organic olive oil and apply topically to the affected area for relief. If you suffer from sore muscles, sports injuries, and backaches, this is one benefit you’ll appreciate.

10. Combats the Cold

Oregano oil isn’t a cure for the cold but it can add a layer to your immune system. Many people claim that when they start to feel under the weather they place 3-6 drops into an empty capsule and take 2-3 times daily before meals. A 5-10 day regiment has been reported as doing wonders.

Supplementing with Oregano

Oregano oil is an absolute must-have item for any medicine cabinet or emergency kit. The array of benefits it offers makes it one of the best all-around supplements you can get. Remember, as with any health product, quality matters tremendously — only invest in high quality oregano oil supplements that are organic and produced by a reputable, trustworthy source. If you want to try oregano oil for yourself, we offer a premium, organic blend that’s gotten incredibly good feedback.

Do you use oregano oil? What’s your favorite benefit? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and share your experience.

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

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  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    I haven’t heard that, where did you see it?

  • http://www.twitter.com/kezren89 kezren89

    Someone commented on here, but on other websites they talk about you should only have it no more than 10 days out of the month is that true or can you take it everyday ?

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Well, your individual needs may differ and I can’t give a blanket statement on what’s best for you but we do get a lot of good feedback from people who use it regularly.

  • ezdrpepper

    When I had toe nail fungus, i used several herbal teas that were anti viral, liquid grape seed extract, neem oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil and clove oil. Soaked my feet in the mixture of all of them along with mild peppermint soap and it was pretty much gone in one soaking. Soaked feet about one hour so liquid could soften nails and skin and penetrate.

    Make sure you spray shoes with antifungual spray and alternate shoes.

  • Anne Morrison

    Thank you for your wisdom … great formula! Spraying shoes with Colloidal silver works good too.

  • Anne Morrison

    Also Olive leaf oil?

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  • Shelby

    Menopause brought me terrible cystic acne. Demotologists did nothing to help. Lavender oil helped, but was very harsh. Then I tried clove essential oil, this also helped, and smelled nice! Then I tried oregano oil, full strength, on new cysts. I am not exaggerating when I say the infection disappeared overnight! The cyst remained, but at least it didn’t blow up on my face, major miracle! With daily, repeated applications, the cyst got smaller, and slowly went away. I wish so much I had found this a year ago when it began. I spent over $1,000 on conventional treatments, they did absolutely nothing but leave me with scars. Only essential oils gave me control, oregano oil being the most effective.

  • User

    Even after you’ve come down with a cold, oil of oregano seems to make it more tolerable & seems to shorten the duration. Of course – – how would I know how long the cold would last otherwise? But it seems that when I take 4 doses a day after I’ve come down with a cold, it doesn’t knock me on my butt like colds used to. This is when I didn’t catch the cold in the most early stages. When I’m able to start taking it at the very first sign of symptoms, often, it all goes away and I never get the cold at all, even when people around me are wheezing and snorting.

  • Steph

    I use oregano oil when i have a sore throat or cold and it works really well! Never heard of putting it in a capsule though, I just put a couple of drops at the back of my tongue followed by a glass of water or orange juice and its hot or spicy at all!!

  • Olipops

    I am still breast feeding my 3.5 year old. Is it safe to take oregano oil for a sinus infection? Thanks

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Doing anything while pregnant or breastfeeding is always iffy. Different things happen to different people. Take a look at this conversation, there are a few ideas:


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  • Vanessa

    Hi, someone told me that taking Oregano oil daily would end up making your immune system lazy so unless you’re treating something it should be taken once a week. I can’t find anything supporting that statement though, is there any truth to it? Or can you take your 3 drops daily and one day end it all and you’ll be fine? thanks!!

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Most people don’t use oregano oil as an every day supplement, they use it when they feel like they’re needing it. I’ve never heard about it making the immune system lazy, only the opposite!

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  • Gretchen

    In what way should I use oregano oil to ease unpleasant menopausal symptoms?

  • Warren

    Through another forum site concerning vitiligo one reader recommended using oil of oregano with an olive oil base (to stop the burning sensation ) to combat his vitiligo and was experiencing some positive results early on. Any thoughts on this potential treatment? Thanks..

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  • Erin

    Just started to take this to rid mrsa and had helped already clear up the infection…it’s also cleared up some serious sinus allergy problems that I’ve battled for years. I want to take it daily to continue with this result but I’ve read its not good for you to do this due to liver concerns. Thoughts?

  • kim

    Just want to let people know,I have been taking oregano oil for 4 yrs daily.And have not been sick at all.It does not bring your immunity down.I also give my chickens in their water few drops.It is a natural antibiotic Also if you deal with gerd,it works wonders.Got my mother off heartburn meds after she started taking drops.There are so many wonderful benefits to this oil.Oh and I was told I needed a new liver 6 yrs ago,and I am in better health now,then before I got sick.No thanks to any MDs.Havent been back!Dr Group has great products.

  • Lauren McCrae

    It’s fantastic for a toothache..rub directly on the tooth and pain will subside.

  • Kate

    I have terrible problems with nasal passage swelling, allergies and bloody noses. I mix a few drops of oregano and olive oils and swab the entire insides of my nose. Swelling goes away, mucus production dramatically goes down and the bleeding stops. This also made my eyes stop itching and watering even though I didn’t do anything else. When I stop, the problem returns and then start up again, within 2 days I’m cured. So I just use it all the time now. Truly amazing. I’ve tried every prescription drug out there – none have ever worked.

  • Lynn Hale Shauinger

    oregano oil is great for clearing sinuses. I grow my own oregano and my son makes the oil. He uses olive oil or almond oil.

  • Sergey Pugach

    This oregano oil has no good quality (I checked it by mean of radiesthesia, just from the screen). That is why I got much-much better, even an excellent “shopping around”…

  • Valerie Cuan

    How much of each in the foot soak please?

  • Julie Shipp Kay

    I started doing this as well. I have terrible sinus pressure when I don’t

  • LPatterson

    I use Oregano oil when I feel a sore throat coming on and BAM it’s better after a dropper full In Some juice. It also works wonders when I feel a cold coming on.

  • Helen Howard

    I am an aromatherapist would oregano oil be useful to use as an essential oil?

  • J

    Can I give a little to my cat? He has responded well to antibiotics (cough stops), but I don’t want to keep him on these for many reasons.

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Haven’t tried it myself but I see there are some conversations and opinions online from those who have.

  • khaosol.com

    Use the Internet to find out. If it does all you have to do is take zinc pills to replenish it.

  • christ_bearer

    “Pure-Remedy Fungus Relief “applied 2x daily.. Plus 1000iu vitamin D Orally with Spectrum organic refined coconut oil applied to the soles of your feet 2x a day.. That will get rid of it within a month.. Good luck!

  • Bob

    I have used oregano oil for about 9 years , and have had no side effects at all , except the hot taste is a bit much . It has cured bad and painful dry and cracked hands , super bug more recently , and painful teeth , all cured and I used as much as I needed to cure , no side effects . I know a fellow worker that had a bad case of lossing weight and no help from doctors , and diaria problems , in just a few days he noticed a difference , and has put on weight since .

    the secret is its slow working and not noticable , but very effective in time , use as much as you want for better results , but be resonable too . Not a 1/4 of a bottle at once thats alot , maybe a dozen drops or so .

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  • Andreia Barreto

    How can I find more empty vegetable capsule for the oregano oil?

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center
  • GIa Testa

    In 2000 I tested positive for hepatitis C type II, supposedly the hardest to cure. I’ve never sought out the “mainstream” in medical treatments: via injections & now oral doses. I’d seen what the side effects of those treatments had had on several people, including a friend currently taking meds on the popular Hep C program advertised on TV for hepatitis C type I.
    After I discovered that by taking oil of oregano gel capsules 3 to 4 times (under the tongue) daily, it put the hepatitis C in remission: as there still isn’t a cure for type II. Now, according to the medical staff at the UM Medical center at Jackson memorial in Miami, after multiple tests & exams can no longer find the hepatitis C virus in me.

  • dianaells

    Most human supplements and especially Essential Oils are harmful to animals. Always consult your vet along with a professional or specialist in that alternative treatment.
    Cats are especially at risk when using essential oils or alternative household cleaners (Borax causes fatal organ failure in cats). Cats are also curious and will sniff and rub on things. They also lay around on household floors, furniture etc…while cleaning themselves.

  • Tamar Lundeen

    While I have not used oregano oil for menopausal symptoms (other uses though) my friends and I have noted that when we stay clear of processed foods, all sugars incl.subs and simple carbs(they turn into sugar) we have hardly any symptoms. I rarely have hot flashes if I stick to this and when I do they are of short duration and not nearly as severe. Look for all your hidden sugars to do this, coffee creamers, canned fruit (good idea to lower fruit intake) diet soda and regular, etc. Lower your intake of coffee as well.

  • Michelle

    Thankyou …I had a bad gum and tooth infection very painful…I rubbed oregano oil mixed with olive oil on my tooth and gum took oregano oil capsules (already diluted with oliveoil and lecithin…to help with the pain and kill the infection it worked!!!..I also swabbed it with bakingsoda and applecider vinegar to keep it clean..it healed in about 5 days I also used mrryth essential oil and applied with q tip in between the oregano oil..I was desperate..I dont have dental and it was an emergency..I knew if this didnt work I would have to see a doctor because these infections can lead to serious complications..nature and its beauty is the signature of God

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  • Angie25

    How much did you take and for how long?

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