10 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll

Savoy Cabbage is Loaded with Chlorophyll

You may have heard a lot of buzz surrounding the healthiness of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables with deep, rich color tones. In many ways, they’re perfect foods and part of the credit is owed to the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis. Research also suggests it’s instrumental in promoting good health. The following 10 benefits demonstrate its amazing versatility and power.

1. Helps Control Hunger and Cravings

A study released in September of 2013 determined that compounds containing chlorophyll might help suppress hunger. Twenty moderately overweight women were given test meals on three separate occasions one week apart — two meals with chlorophyll, one without. They reported reduced hunger following the meals containing the chlorophyll and blood tests showed stable blood sugar levels. [1] These results suggest chlorophyll should be considered as an effective way to manage hunger and promote weight loss.

2. Controls Body Odor

Chlorophyll is good for your body from the inside out, literally. This includes body and fecal odors. When tested in a nursing home with 62 patients, one study reported improvements in the odors emanating from the test subjects. In addition to odor reduction, it also alleviated constipation and gas. [2]

3. Encourages Healing

The use of chlorophyll to promote the healing process was first reported nearly 100 years ago. One report published by Butler University (in 1950!) discussed its use for improving healing times. [3] A more recent study found that, when used as a spray, chlorophyll significantly helped wound therapy. [4] The research clearly backs its effectiveness in this area.

4. Promotes Cleansing

Environmental pollutants such as toxic metals can quickly destroy health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to hamper absorption, and research has shown it can do the same with some carcinogens. A crossover study with 4 human volunteers tested chlorophyll’s ability to remove ingested aflatoxin, a known carcinogen. Each volunteer received three servings of the aflatoxin, followed with a meal, the latter two included a tablet of chlorophyll. The results showed rapid elimination with 95% evacuated within 24 hours. [5]

5. Protects DNA Against Fried Foods

Fried foods aren’t just bad for your waistline, they also contain chemicals known to damage colon tissue and the DNA of colon cells. In one study, participants who ate fried foods coupled with protective foods, including chlorophyll, were observed to have less DNA damage of colon cells. [6] Don’t take that as just cause to go crazy with the fried foods, the best idea is to avoid them altogether.

6. Super Potent Antioxidant Action

Chlorophyll’s status as a superfood is due to its nutritional and potent antioxidant properties. It protects cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals. [7] One plant known for its high chlorophyll levels, Conyza triloba, showed very active superoxide scavenging behavior. An in vitro study found it capable of reducing free radicals while reducing cell damage. [8]

7. Promising Potential for Cancer Therapy

Although the research doesn’t currently show that chlorophyll is an all out cancer cure, researchers are excited about its potential as a therapy. One study found men with lower levels of dietary chlorophyll had higher risks of colon cancer. [9] Another study noted it effective at stimulating liver detoxifying enzymes and may protect against other carcinogens. [10]

8. Effective Against Candida albicans

Candida infection is a big problem for many individuals and can lead to fatigue, depression, and digestive problems; just to name a few. Research has shown that isolated chlorophyll solutions stop Candida albicans growth. [11]

9. Relieves Systemic Redness and Swelling

Traditional medicine has long used green leaves for infections. With modern approaches that have limited effectiveness and a long list of side effects, natural remedies are getting another look. Animal studies have found that green leaves help to reduce swelling and redness! [12]

10. Promotes Healthy Iron Levels

A modified form of chlorophyll known as chlorophyllin may be highly effective for anemia. By swapping iron for magnesium at the center of the molecule, it provides a bioavailable form of iron the body can use. [13] While scientists may look for ways to develop patent-able medicines, no one needs to wait to take chlorophyll to gain its benefits.

Chlorophyll: An Excellent Dietary Supplement

Chlorophyll possesses an amazing range of benefits and is readily available to everyone. Chlorophyll rich foods are also healthy in their own right and contain essential vitamins and nutrients needed for cardiovascular, muscular, and neural health. Consume foods containing chlorophyll or take a dietary supplement for best effect. Blue-green algae is one of my favorites. Do you take chlorophyll? What effects have you noticed? Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us!

-Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


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  • http://natural-lifestyle-show.com/ Angel

    I didn’t know it could control hunger or was effective against candida. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  • Pammie

    I’ve been taking the liquid chlorophyll. I noticed I didn’t take it for a week and my face started breaking out with pimples. That Is Unusual For me. I’m 45 years old and I’m not bragging; but people tell me I don’t look a day over 30. That is a good feeling. I’m sick with autoimmune diseases, but I noticed when I take it, my skin stays clear and I feel better. I stay dry, because of Sjogrens Disease; which is one the autoimmune diseases I have. It causes your body to not produce enough moisture. Especially in your mouth and eyes! So I think chlorophyll is a huge help! I take 3 tablespoons sometimes 4 daily. Hope this is helpful.


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  • mhikl

    Have to add a further point on cleansing with Borax and Chlorophyl for candida. Even though Borax is helpful in this regard I still have/had problems with candida.
    My new herbalists is insistent that I continue with the Chlorophyl, and be regular, so a soldier I shall be. The liver needs Chlorophyl to detox.
    He also has me taking baking soda four or five times a day, 1/4-1/2 tsp, bolted back with 500+ml water. I had been hit with a terrible bout of eczema, all my skin fell off from the knees and elbows down. I could not get enough liquid in me and leaked for 18 hrs. The pain and itch and leakage was unbearable. I do not use chemicals. I went on a 31 day fast but little was achieved in support of my eczema.
    Within ten or so minutes of using the baking soda the itch lifted. It has been seven days and my skin is 90% healed, with healthy looking skin I haven’t seen in years.
    Chlorophyl, borax and baking soda (along with low to moderate protein, high veg diet and liver support) seems the trick for me. However, I know from experience that no one regimen works for all. Study and research is mandatory, and the help of a good herbalist and or naturopath may help guide one to better health.
    Namaste and care,

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  • youngwesley

    Your purple ads do you a great disservice = no way can I force myself to optin and place my name next to such an ugly message

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    What purple ads?

  • Lathan

    Chlorophyll totally got rid of my hives and symptoms of chronic urticaria, amazing, a wonder cure that not even the experts could see coming, please try it, it worked for me

  • Julesann

    probably pop ups on his computer he is rude anyway !!! you deliver a good message in your healing center thankyou

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  • shirleybiscuits

    I am going to order some tomorrow for my hives and chronic urticaria. I’ll be back in a few weeks with my results.

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  • Nik

    Please be very careful with taking baking soda too much. It lowers your potassium levels and other electrolytes as well which then started affecting your heart and throws things off balance. I had a terrible time recuperating from using excess baking soda for a UTI. Please take care.

  • Nik

    The ads on the pages are not controlled by the author of the article.

  • Blossy_5

    Did you stop taking the antihistamines while on the chlorophyll? I was recommended to use chlorophyll but I am to stop the medicine since my hives go out of control pretty fast without them.

  • Ciel

    I am taking liquid Chlorophyll and I noticed that my energy level is up all day , I don’t feel hungry that much anymore and I sleep well at night. I will really recommend taking liquid Chlorophyll everyday it is good!

  • Karen

    I started taking chlorophyll about a month and a half ago. I started because i work 10 hours on Friday and Saturday. The restroom is very small and of course from time I have to have a BM. I am very shy about this so i started taking chlorophyll to kill any oder. It started working almost immediately, i knew it would because I have used it before. But that is not why i am posting. What i didn’t realize until i started reading this is that it has stopped my sugar cravings. I have always been a candy junkie. I didn’t even realize that i haven’t even given candy a second thought In about a month. And yes i have lost weight and i wasn’t even trying. I didn’t realize it would have this side benefit, but now that i know i will spread the word.

  • AD

    No. 10 is one of the stupidest things I have ever read. The paper “backing up” this claim is a synthetic molecule made in the lab that could help. It does NOT happen naturally in your body and you will get no iron boosting levels in your body from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contains NO IRON. 95% of cholorphyll passes straight through the body. This article is promoting bad science, exceptionally bad chemistry and is just trying to con people into buying their useless products.

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  • Berni

    I started taking Liquid Chlorophyll about a year ago on the advice of a nutritionist, when I was encountering 5 or 6 months of chronic dry mouth and cracking lips. All ointments and gels did not work. After a couple of weeks I noticed the peeling skin of my lips began to heal. The same with dry mouth…more saliva and moisture returned to my mouth. This was a huge relief!! So I kept taking it as a daily routine (about 2 TBSP in a bottle of water). I have lost weight (this was not my goal, but it feels good)..I was 138lbs a year ago, now I’m at 121. That 17 lb loss puts me at my high school weight, not bad for my age 55 years old and frame 5’6″. I attribute the reduction in appetite and cravings, and being satisfied with smaller portions a part of the reason. Now my husband – who wouldn’t try my green drink before, has recently asked if I could let him try it. He says he prefers it to the ( once a day) metamucil drink he was taking. Now after 6 wks he is down 12 lbs, and having not 1~ but 3 BMs a day. So the body is working on efficiently eliminating the waste. I hope you find this info helpful.

  • sgsgsg

    I’ve recently started taking liquid chlorophyl and I’ve noticed that i don’t have the same BM as i did before. I feel constipated more than ever. should i stop taking it?

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  • Terra Viva

    Chlorophyll might indeed be good for one, and intuitively I’d say so, but the so called “research” cited is totally pathetic, and not anything I would count on as science. The obsession with finding ten points because we happen to have ten fingers is also pathetic.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Your criticism is a little hollow, are you always so curmudgeonly?

  • len

    I just started taking it.. I like it, don’t care for the minty taste but that won’t stop me from taking it. I have fibroids and have been taking some herbs for that, due to avoiding surgery, which I refuse.. besides my doctor said surgery isn’t mandatory as of right now. Anyways the chlorophyll is to get rid of the odor that the fibroids cause..( yes they have an odor). I’ve noticed that chlorophyll makes it easier for me to use the restroom as well.!!!

  • Jeff Houston

    All this sounds good except for the iron part. I have Hemochromatosis so I am wondering if I should take Chlorophyll. I have already bought some and already taking it but after reading this maybe I should ask my ND about this first unless someone else has some insight on this?

  • Norm

    My dog licked enough radiator fluid one Monday to kill two dogs. All through the week he kept getting worse and worse; lethargic, little hunger, and throwing up every thing he ate, no strength, but thirsty all the time. Drank but right after would pee out all the water…sad sad case… On Sat, he was close to dead.

    I took him to the vet and the very cane out teary eyed telling me he was going to die because she saw crystals in his kidneys. We have him Ultra Chlorophyll 20X, a dropper every 4 to 5 hrs for 2 days straight. His eyes cleared up, he began eating and then pooping, green nonetheless. He drank but didnt pee right after. And when he peed, it was very green.

    To end my miracle, because we were praying for him, lots of people on FB also, my dog is alive, and normal today. Why? Because the chlorophyll binder the toxins and heavy metals in the radiator fluid and helped flush them out.

    A God made substance, chlorophyll, is stronger than a man made one, radiator fluid….

  • Terra Viva


  • Norm

    15 hours ago

    My dog licked enough radiator fluid one Monday to kill two dogs. All through the week he kept getting worse and worse; lethargic, little hunger, and throwing up every thing he ate, no strength, but thirsty all the time. Drank but right after would pee out all the water…sad sad case… On Sat, he was close to dead.

    I took him to the vet and the very cane out teary eyed telling me he was going to die because she saw crystals in his kidneys. We have him Ultra Chlorophyll 20X, a dropper every 4 to 5 hrs for 2 days straight. His eyes cleared up, he began eating and then pooping, green nonetheless. He drank but didnt pee right after. And when he peed, it was very green.

    To end my miracle, because we were praying for him, lots of people on FB also, my dog is alive, and normal today. Why? Because the chlorophyll binder the toxins and heavy metals in the radiator fluid and helped flush them out.

    A God made substance, chlorophyll, is stronger than a man made one, radiator fluid….

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  • Dianna Braud

    How much do you take everyday?

  • barry

    which brand u take?

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