6 Reasons to Supplement with Tibetan Rhodiola Considered more potent than ginseng, this adaptogenic herb is revered by the Tibetan monks as being the supreme herb in traditional health modalities. Scientists have determined the majority of its power and potency comes from two compounds, salidroside and rosavin. Each compound may increase physical performance, protect cognitive function, improve response to stress, and achieve internal balance. Here are 6 reasons to supplement with Tibetan Rhodiola.

What is Intrinsic Factor? Intrinsic factor is the most obscure–yet the most important–glycoprotein in the human body. It has only one primary function that is essential for good health. Produced by the parietal cells of the stomach as well as the salivary glands, intrinsic factor has a brief, but very important life. Intrinsic factor is key for supporting energy, metabolism, and mental health by working with one nutrient–vitamin B12.

5 Facts about Calorie Restriction Calorie restriction is defined as a reduction of 30-60% of one’s regular calorie intake while maintaining a diet that provides enough nutrients to prevent malnutrition. Scientists believe calorie restriction stimulates a defensive state designed to help an organism survive environmental and metabolic adversity. This non-genetic strategy has been observed to encourage youthfulness and extend average and maximum lifespan in most living creatures. [1]
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The 5 Most Common Thyroid Disorders & What You Need  To Know When most people think of the thyroid, the first thing that may come to mind is an image of a simple, obscure gland located somewhere in the neck. The thyroid is often seen as serving unknown functions as it is rarely discussed in popular press. Likewise, it’s not at all surprising few understand its exact function and just how important it is to overall health, wellness, and vitality. In this article we will briefly cover what the thyroid is and its functions and discuss the 5 most common thyroid disorders […]

10 Essential Facts to Maximize Kidney Cleansing In the same way air filters remove dust, pollen, and other allergens, the kidneys remove wastes and toxins from the blood. Modern environmental pollutants, UTIs, and drugs like NSAIDs can lead to serious damage to the kidneys, and processed foods only increase the risk. Since we simply can’t replace our kidneys like we might an air filter, regular kidney cleansing can go a long way in protecting the health of these vital organs. Here are 10 essential facts for receiving the most from a kidney cleanse.





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