Our Philosophy Behind Aloe Fuzion™ – Global Healing Center It is our goal to create the best, natural health products and supplements and I’m excited about our latest creation — Aloe Fuzion. Aloe Fuzion is 100% organic inner leaf aloe powder encapsulated in vegetarian capsules. It truly is the gold standard for aloe vera supplements.

Orotates and Mineral Transporters Whenever anyone asks me what’s the best way to take mineral supplements, I often give an answer they don’t expect, “Orotates!” The blank looks I usually get tell me that further explanation is necessary. A few years ago, Ed Sharpe wrote a long and thorough report about orotates and their benefits. I want to give credit to Ed for the original work as it was one of the most comprehensive reviews of the research I’ve seen. I suggest checking it out for yourself, but to provide a quick introduction, I’ve […]

5 Tips to Help You Restore and Maintain Your Gut Health Bacteria in your gut might sound like a bad thing but, actually, your gut uses bacteria to process food into energy.[1] We call these helpful bacteria probiotics. Most people have heard the term in yogurt ads, but that’s about it. What are probiotics and what do they mean to your body?
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The Health Benefits of Wildcrafted Jiaogulan In China, jiaogulan, or Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is referred to as the “immortality” herb. Elsewhere, jiaogulan is called southern ginseng (despite not being related to the ginsengs of the Panax family). It gets its name, however, because it shares similar adaptogenic and antioxidant properties as ginseng. Some research even suggests jiaogulan may be more powerful.

11 Facts About Oxygen You Probably Didn’t Know Do we take oxygen for granted? I think most of us realize that oxygen is critical for life, but we hardly ever think about it.[1] You probably know more details about the love life of the latest celebrity couple than the element that we cannot live without. Today, we’ll look at 11 facts about oxygen you may not know.

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