What is Shilajit? Hailing from the Caucasus and Himalayan mountains, Shilajit (pronounced shi-lah-jeet) is a naturally-occurring substance that’s rich in beneficial nutrients. Although it’s somewhat unknown today, it is still prominent in many natural health practices, including Ayurveda. This blackish, smooth substance can be found in high concentrations in the Altai Mountains. One of the main constituents of the material is fulvic acid, which has shown some promise in heavy metal protection and brain support.

Using a Non-Stick Pan? You May Want to Read This Pans with a non-stick coating are convenient but new research suggests that the chemical used for the coating is extremely toxic and exposure on any level could prove dangerous to brain health, the reproductive system, and immune system.

Leading Medical Journal Wants GMO Labeling The topic of GMO labeling is one of long standing, one that is seeing a clear divide in current media. Should foods in the United States require GMO labeling, following suit of many other countries throughout the world? If there’s nothing to hide, then why not label foods? The argument is that GMO foods are no better or worse for health than non-GMOs, and that labeling may confuse consumers and drive down profit for numerous food manufacturers. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is coming to the aid of […]

The Benefits of Resveratrol for Blood Pressure According to statistics from the CDC, around 70 million people–1 in 3 Americans–suffer from high blood pressure. Half of these individuals have their blood pressure under control, probably with form of blood pressure medication. [1] Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be a silent yet deadly disease, one that doesn’t necessarily need to be managed by medication. While there are some rare hereditary conditions that make it impossible to control blood sugar with just exercise and diet, most people have the ability to use dietary strategies as their first line […]

Pepsi Swaps Aspartame for Sucralose: Is It Worth It? Soda is hugely popular and many people are addicted to its sweet taste and fizzy texture. It’s a big source of calories from refined sugar in the form ofhigh fructose corn syrup. Diet sodas, which have artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, are said to lessen the health effects of regular soda but research has shown that’s not the case. [1] Diet sodas, typically sweetened with aspartame, are linked to increased obesity and other problems. Now, to avoid that negative spotlight, Pepsi has announced they’ll replace aspartame with sucralose (Splenda), citing […]
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