Are Probiotics Right for You? Maybe you’ve heard how probiotics can help your digestion, perhaps you’ve even tried them. But do you know exactly what they are, and just how they work? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone. There’s a lot of confusion about probiotics, and I want to try to clear that up as best as I can.

Health Concerns of Refined Sugar Sugar consumption has steadily risen in recent years. The USDA has found that the average American consumes around 150 pounds of sugar per year. [1] Carbonated sodas are a major source of refined sugars in the American diet. Energy drinks are close behind, and even commercial fruit juices are working against us. Some of these fruit drinks are more additives and sugars (as much as 90%+) than actual fruit and stripped of fiber. Keeping the sugar and throwing away all the good stuff doesn’t make for nutritious juice. Refined sugar […]

The Benefits of Organic Shampoo Shampoo seems like a harmless enough item. But in reality, many shampoos contain chemicals that your body absorbs. Chemicals, like parabens and sulfates, interfere with the endocrine system and can up your chances for serious diseases. [1] With this reality staring us right in the face, it only makes sense that we seek out healthier, all-natural options. Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid When shopping for shampoo and conditioners, read the labels before purchasing. Here are a few of the specific ingredients you need to look out for: Sodium Lauryl Sulfates — […]

Why You Should Use Aluminum-Free Deodorant There come times in our lives when we need added protection against body odor. Whether we’re at the gym or in an important meeting, it’s very likely that, without some type of deodorant, we’ll sweat and let out a little odor. Not a pleasant topic, but it can’t be ignored. Choosing the right deodorant is just as important as wearing it regularly, not just because you need to find one that will provide lasting protection, but because you also require one that will protect your health.

Check Out Dr. Group on Hulu! In Secrets to Health, hosted by Dr. Group and Mike Adams of Natural News, we were exposed to a number of shocking truths routinely hidden by the food industry. Produced by GaiamTV, Secrets to Health was a popular online show devoted to dispelling nutritional myths and bringing illogical food practices to light. Whether it was discussing the facts and effects of GMOs, or how much sugar it takes to contribute to obesity and diabetes, Dr. Group and Mike Adams provided the proof in detail of our modern food processes.





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