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Mercury Undercover

A Must-See DVD About the Dangers of Mercury

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Mercury Undercover is a groundbreaking documentary by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya and featuring Dr. Edward Group III. It uncovers the dirty truth about the dangers of mercury and investigates the people and agencies entrusted with public safety. Features interviews with industry experts and examines how mercury poisoning has been linked to many severe, common health problems. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. †
70 minutes with over 60 minutes of bonus material
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Mercury Undercover DVD

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Uncover Hidden Truths About the Dangers of Mercury!

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What is Mercury Undercover?

Mercury Undercover is a groundbreaking documentary by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya, featuring Dr. Edward Group III. Uncover the concealed dangers of mercury; its unimaginable effects on you, your family and future generations; and ways that you can protect yourself and your family. This compelling film sheds light on a problem with more detrimental impact than you could imagine.

Mercury Undercover examines how mercury poisoning has been linked to gastritis, asthma, allergies, learning disorders, psychosis, panic attacks, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, and insomnia. Energy practitioners believe teeth are linked to certain organs so it’s not surprising that mercury fillings affect organ health, too.

The film investigates the people and agencies entrusted with protecting society from mercury. Are they placing personal and corporate profit over public safety?

  • 2011 | Color | 70 Minutes | NTSC
  • Contains over 60 minutes of bonus material
  • Subtítulos en Español
  • 16:9 widescreen
  • All Rights Reserved by Powerlunch Production

What are the Benefits of Watching Mercury Undercover?

1. Discover inside, unrevealed secrets...

To uncover the truth about one of the biggest scams in medical history, ‘Mercury Undercover’ features interviews with noted experts such as Jonathan Emord, Constitutional Law Attorney, Charlie Brown, President of the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, and Dr. John P. Trowbridge M.D., President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

2. Learn the dangers of mercury exposure...

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin, adding just one gram of mercury to an entire lake can make the fish population unsafe to eat for a full year. Yet, over 150 million Americans have toxic, mercury amalgam dental fillings in their teeth. This dental mercury converts into a toxic, oxidized form that damages blood vessel walls but 50% of dentists still implant mercury amalgam fillings into children and adults every day.

3. Learn how to take action against mercury exposure and protect yourself...

The FDA conceals warnings about amalgam deep in regulation and on their website, the FDA gives dentists the green light to continue to deceive consumers with the term “silver fillings.”

Contact the FDA's Director of Center for Devices, Jeff Shuren at and ask for the FDA to stop ignoring scientists. It’s time for the FDA to get in step with the world on mercury.

Consumers for Dental Choice, a nonprofit group, is leading the battle against mercury fillings. They started a worldwide Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry to end this terrible mistake.

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We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About Mercury Undercover

  • "Well made film, must see! This movie has SO much info, a must see for anyone questioning mercury....very surreal and scary how much they revel...worth watching!!!!" † ~ Bty
  • "How can mercury fillings be legal? I'm thankful for this film. Kudos!! I think this movie should be on every home, our kids and families need to learn about the dangers of mercury!" † ~ Mike Leigh
  • "Astounding! This documentary is a sobering expose on the use of mercury "silver" amalgam filings by the US dentistry. You'll see how and when it began, the damage it does, how little the FDA does, and how to undo it. It will make you want to find the nearest mercury-free, biological dentist to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed." † ~ Xiaan

Watch Clips From Mercury Undercover

Dr. Group Discusses the Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Sprinkle Discussing Mercury-Free Dentistry

Dr. Haley on the Dangers of Mercury in the Brain

Attorney Jonathan Emord Speaks About the Mercury Amalgam Issue

The "Mad Hatter" Story: A Conversation with a Mercury Poisoning Survivor

Order Mercury Undercover and Educate Yourself About Mercury Dangers!

†Results may vary.