How To Eliminate EMF Radiation from Cell Phones

The Use of Cell Phones in America

Millions of Americans use cell phones every day. In fact, it is virtually impossible to walk for a block without seeing someone using a mobile phone. Now it is even common to see people seemingly talking to themselves, when in fact they are using an ear device that links to their mobile phone. However, regularly using a cell phone can lead to negative health effects due to the Electormagnetic Field (EMF) radiation they emit. It is important to know about these cell phone dangers, and how to avoid them or at least reduce them.

Cellphone Radiation - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

  • It is estimated that between 80-90% of the population uses a cell phone regularly.¹
  • Approximately 12% of adults use only a cell phone, and do not use a landline phone.²
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to measure the negative effects of electromagnetic field radiation from cell phones with traditional methods such as blood tests, ultrasounds, MRI's, and X-rays.³

Radiation from Cellphone Tower

Dangers of EMF Radiation from Cell Phones

Although studies have not yet determined the exact nature of cell phone dangers, it is generally accepted that long-term use of cell phones does lead to negative health effects.

The amount of time you spend on your cell phone increase your chances of developing certain serious illnesses because of the EMF radiation cell phones emit:

  • A rare form of brain tumor. Chances of developing this are increased with regular, prolonged use.
  • Damage to Blood Vessels in the Brain 4
  • Frequent Headaches 5
  • Slower Motor Reflexes 6
  • Fetuses may be Affected 7
  • Some Authorities List Autism & Sleep 8

It's worth taking the time to guard against this danger. Phones are not going to disappear from use. However there are precautions you can take. No matter what product you choose, find one that you are comfortable with. The possible dangers of EMF radiation from cell phone use are real, and you should take every precaution available to protect yourself.

How to Eliminate EMF Radiation from Cell Phones

  • Shop for a good EMF radiation blocking tool to decrease the amount of EMF's you receive from your cell phone.
  • Global Healing Center offers a patch that you can apply to your cell phone to reduce the amount of exposure to your brain.
  • Some products help protect you from cell phone dangers by deflecting these dangerous fields away from your head. Others actually absorb the electro-magnetic energy, thereby preventing it from damaging the blood vessels in your brain.