Harmful Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical found in sodas, tee, coffee and other places. Many people grow dependent on caffeine. They feel that they need caffeine after drinking it for some time. You see, caffeine is highly addictive. People like the energetic feeling they experience from drinking caffeinated liquids. This probably accounts for the proliferation of drinking establishments.

What caffeine does is block a chemical called adenosine from telling the brain when it's time to relax. The addiction to this feeling is exacerbated when you understand that your body will require more and more caffeinated liquid to receive the same energized level.

Caffeine in the body interferes with healthy digestion and bowel movements. It dehydrates the body, depriving it of needed water to process food. It also obstructs the absorption of the very important chemical magnesium, which is necessary to maintain healthy bowel movements.