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ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System

Pool Purification

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The ECOsmarte is the healthiest non-chemical, non-chlorine purification system available for pools. It's like you're swimming in bottled water!

†Results may vary.

ECOsmarte Pool System

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What is the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System?

Designed for pools from 10,000 to 50,000 gallons, the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System is the best, non-salt, non-chemical water purification technology available! The ECOsmarte® Pool System delivers electronic and ionization to stop algae and bacteria while providing oxygen to sanitize! The water feels great and is the healthiest way for your family to enjoy the pool! The ECOsmarte system may even be used for waterfalls, fountains and koi ponds.

Best of all, the ECOsmarte pool purification system is automated and easy to use. Simply set the programmable system to the proper ionization and oxidation cycles so your pool maintains quality, even if you're gone.

ECOsmarte® is committed to eliminating the unnecessary use of chemicals and provides a product unlike no other. Nearly 15,000 residential pools around the world utilize the ECOsmarte technology and the owners are enjoying a more pleasant, clean, and healthy pool, join them!

What are the Benefits of the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System

  • The ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System uses ionization plus oxygen!
  • Better than chlorine or ozone.
  • Great for in or above ground pools.
  • Eliminates:
    • Toxic chemicals
    • Health hazards
    • Chemical odors
    • Environmental damage
    • Pool equipment damage

Why is the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System the Best Available?

  • The ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System is like swimming in bottled water!
  • Completely chemical and chlorine free.
  • The water does not burn the eyes, dry out the skin or damage hair.
  • Water is healthier for you than chlorine, salt or other chemical-treated pools.
  • Saves time and money, because you don't have to add and buy chemicals.
  • Eliminates scaling and stains caused by chemicals.
  • Odor free!
  • Costs less than $1 a month to operate.
ECOsmarte Pool System

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System

1. How does the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System work? The ECOsmarte® oxygen electrodes deliver a non-chemical shock to the water as it passes through the pressure line. Once per week you adjust your pH and take a copper test. You will switch the button on your Electronic Control Unit and ionize for 4 - 8 hours depending on your pool size and how often its used.

2. How hard is the ECOsmarte® to Install? The ECOsmarte® chamber is easy to install. Simply select 11" of your above-ground pipe on the return side between the pump and pool. Make two cuts and PVC glue in our Quick-Change Unions. The Unions allow ¼" error in measurement, so you do not have to be exact. The unit comes pre-wired to plug into any 110V outlet. The full installation manual is available here.

3. What are the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System specifications?

  • Input Voltage: 110V; 220V Available, 50 or 60 Cycle, CE Low Voltage Approved
  • Output Voltage: 30 VA Class UL CSA Compliance Power Supply, CE Low Voltage Approved
  • Ionization Electrode: 100% Pure Copper with coating
  • Oxidation Electrode: Proprietary Titanium composite material

Purify Your Pool Water Naturally With the ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System!

Suggested Use

The first seven days your ECOsmarte pool system is set-up are critical. You will need to keep a close eye on two water factors: pH and Copper.

If the pH levels are above 7.2, it will render the copper ions ineffective, which will prevent accurate copper measurements. Therefore, the water in your pool needs to have a pH below 7.2, especially in the first seven days. During the start-up phase, the ECOsmarte pool system will remove old chemicals in the water. During the start-up phase, you will be required to backwash/clean the filter until most of the contaminants have been removed. This will cause a slight increase in the filter pressure, which is a good sign, because the contaminants are being removed.

After a couple of weeks, switch the ECOsmarte Electronic Box to the Ionize position. After 24 hours, conduct another test on the copper and pH levels. First measure the pH level, and if needed, adjust it with muriatic acid diluted in water. When it comes to copper, you want your pool to be between 0.4ppm and 0.7ppm. Once the recommended pH and copper levels are acheived, switch the Ecosmarte electronic box to Oxidize. If your pool registered copper prior to installation, then you would want to ionize until you achieve .8ppm, or until the false indicators have been completely filtered out of the pool.

Your pool should now have a measurement of 0.6ppm copper residual, give or take, with other chemical contaminants approaching zero. Once this has been achieved, you will be able to start the "weekly maintenance" cycle. If your measurements are not correct, then you should consult the user manual that came with your unit. A minimum level of 0.4ppm is required to protect your pool.

Important: Once the minimum copper residual is reached, the ECOsmarte electronic control box will always be set in the "oxidize" mode, unless your weekly water test indicates the copper levels is below 0.4ppm. If your pool goes longer than four days with the copper levels below 0.4ppm, you may have to get it tested at your local pool store, as well as add ZeroPhos™ if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About The ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System

  1. Will the metal stain the pool?
  2. Is it safe to have copper in the water?
  3. Will I never need chemicals again?

Will the metal stain the pool?

The copper will only stain the pool if you use chlorine with the system. Copper or silver in a pool with chlorine will stain green or black. Our system is 100% chlorine-free. Chlorine stains and bleaches pools, and damages pool equipment.

Is it safe to have copper in the water?

Absolutely. If you drank 2 gallons of pool water you would reach the amount of copper found in a multivitamin.

Will I never need chemicals again?

Only for pH adjustment. We need to neutralize pH to maximize the kill rate of our oxygen and copper. Water without chemical will want to be 7.0 pH, which is pH neutral. We recommend muriatic acid, for pH-down, or baking soda, for pH-up. If you mismanage your pH or copper level and get an algae bloom use a quart of non-metal algaecide or a few pounds of non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate), but the pool requires no regular chemicals for sanitation.

†Results may vary.

ECOsmarte Pool System

ECOsmarte® Pool Purification System

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