10 Foods That Won't Upset IBS


  1. The Green Body Cleanse - HardcoverLean chicken or turkey are excellent foods to eat for IBS.  Poultry is a much healthier protein source than red meat.  It is easier to digest when eaten with a salad, or with a side of organic, raw vegetables.
  2. An even better food for IBS sufferers is wild caught fish.  (Farm raised fish are better avoided.)  Fish is a naturally lean protein source that is also a staple food for many people throughout the world.  There are literally hundreds of fish recipes that can be readily found online.  Fish can be eaten as a protein source by itself, or it can be eaten with essentially the same organic vegetables and fruits that are typically eaten with poultry.
  3. Spinach Folic Acid FoodBrown rice is another food that won’t trigger IBS, and it is far more nutritional than white rice.  Organic brown rice is one of several food groups that contain soluble fiber.  Many recommended foods to eat for IBS contain soluble fiber because it helps irritated bowels regain their normal function.
  4. Organic green beans are another source of soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber sources are good foods for IBS sufferers to eat in place of foods such as broccoli, onions, and cabbage.  These vegetables, when they are digested, create gas that often triggers diarrhea.   
  5. Coconut milk. Pasteurized milk does not add calcium to bones the way many people think it does.  Cow’s milk is not only bad for IBS, but also bad for cells and bones.  The pasteurization process alters the milk in ways that actually cause it to draw calcium out of cells.  Organic alternatives include hemp milk, sunflower milk, and rice milk.
  6. Asparagus is high in folic acidFermented foods with probiotics is another recommended food to eat for IBS.  People who have to give up dairy products because of severe IBS symptoms often relieve these symptoms with probiotic rich fermented foods.   
  7. Eggs can be a confusing, and often, a tricky matter as well.  Egg whites are a much better food for IBS sufferers than are egg yolks.  Yolks are high in fat, and they are more difficult to digest than egg whites.  Eliminating this strain on an irritated digestive track can go a long way toward improving your overall health and wellness.   
  8. Organic raw honey can be eaten by those without upsetting IBS.  Refined sugar is not good for anyone.  Other articles on our site discuss the dangers of this all too pervasive product.  All people, and especially those with irritable bowel syndrome, are wise to leave it alone.
  9. Green tea is an excellent substitute for carbonated and alcoholic beverages.  It is a flavorful drink that will go along with any of the best foods to eat for IBS.
  10. Lemon juice.  Adding lemon juice to water can help open up the flavor. Lemon juice is also good for cleansing and supports the liver.