The Key to Health

Green Natural Organic LivingThe key to health is keeping the body free from toxins that cause disease.  To understand why such a simple statement is so profound, we have to look at the specifics of cleansing and why it is so important in order to gain a true appreciation for this essential component to health and wellness. 

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Knowing why we need to cleanse is the first order of business.  Most of us learned long ago that the body cleanses itself, and even medical doctors will tell you that the body heals itself.  While this is a fact, body cleansing is still a necessity.  Many of the toxins that accumulate in our systems are building up at a faster rate than the colon, liver, and kidneys can eliminate.  Even worse, chemicals and heavy metals that are produced by our industrial civilization are compounds that our organs were not evolved to handle. 

The key to health is helping these organs and tissues eliminate organic substances and inorganic toxins that have overburdened them.  A toxin has little opportunity to damage the body in small amounts if the body can get rid of it in time.  It is when it stays in the colon, liver, or body tissue for years (or even decades) that is cumulative effect impacts the body so severely that some kind of health condition or disease arises as a result.

In spite of the fact that the average body burden for any human living anywhere in the world consists of 700 chemical and industrial contaminants, there is hope for every individual who wants to do something about it.  By targeting four major aspects of the body, each person can implement a total body cleanse that will help to body get over the hump of dealing with this toxic overload.  If we concentrate on our colon, our liver, our digestive system, and if we cleanse ourselves of chemicals and heavy metals, we can find the key to health.

Restoring the organs of elimination and digestion to their natural state restores power to the entire body.  Once the body is cleansed of harmful agents, the task at hand is now to stay clean.  Like anyone who overcomes an addition to a drug, staying clean involves major lifestyle changes that will prevent us from repeating the old patterns that got us into trouble in the first place.

Obviously we have to stay away from processed foods that are the product of the agribusiness food industry.  These foods represent major sources of carcinogens, things that make us gain weight, and substances that harm our colon, liver, kidneys, and other body tissues.  Locally grown foods that are free from pesticides, or organic foods certified as such by USDA standards, should exclusively constitute our new diet.

(Did you know that Mohandas Gandhi wrote a book entitled The Key to Health?  We recommend you read this book online for additional information on the importance of health foods and what many now call a green lifestyle.)

We also need to face, head on, the fact that the air we breathe, and much of the water we drink, also puts toxins into our body through daily exposure.  Even though we live in a toxic civilization, we can do something about the air and water in our homes.  A variety of products exist that can help us create an organic environment and extend the key to health to our immediate, personal surroundings.

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