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Affiliate Newsletter for September 2015

Our affiliate program is growing every day! We would like to thank you for being a very important part of that growth and for continuing to support natural health worldwide! Global Healing Center is striving to provide our customers with only the best natural health support and customer satisfaction.

New Product Spotlight: FloraTrex™

We are pleased to introduce the newest product in the Global Healing Center line, FloraTrex™!

FloraTrex™ is a superior blend of ultra-potent probiotics and prebiotics designed to help replenish and maintain the beneficial bacteria that populate a healthy gut and are vital to normal intestinal function and immune health. Contains 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains.

New banners for FloraTrex™ have been created and are available in your affiliate panel. Feel free to contact us at, and we will be glad to help you with updating banners.


Over $1,000,000 Paid to GHC Affiliates!

We are proud to announce that Global Healing Center has paid over $1,000,000 in earned commissions to our Affiliates to date.

Congratulations to all of our Affiliates! You earned every cent.

The Importance of Not Making Unregulated Claims

It is always important to remember that there is certain speech that is not protected.

This speech includes making claims about products that have not been approved by the FDA or FTC.

If there is ever a question about what one is allowed to say about a product, please reference each product’s page on our website.

There is a wealth of information, and all of the information found on our website is authorized.

Recently there have been a number of companies accused by the FDA of making unregulated claims. Global Healing Center does not want or intend to be one of those companies.

Please do your due diligence as Affiliates and make sure you are not using unregulated speech when promoting Global Healing Center Products.

Thanks again for all you do!

Custom Short URLs

Have you been wanting a Custom Short URL to take the place of those long, confusing Affiliate ID Links?

We have the solution. Sign up for your Custom Short Global Healing Center URL today.[Your Heart's Desire]

Silver Fuzion®: In Stock!

Produced with 20,000 volts of high voltage AC technology, Silver Fuzion® is 99.999% pure submicroscopic silver particles electrically suspended in a triple distilled water base.

Incredibly small particle size ensures maximum absorption.

Silver Fuzion®: In Stock!

Over 300 Banners, Sorted

You can now find over 300 Banners and Links in your Affiliate Panel, preloaded with your unique Affiliate Tracking information.

We have also sorted Affiliate Banners to make this every growing catalogue easier to navigate.

Do you have an idea for making the affiliate program better? Send Will and the Affiliate Department an email. They would love to help increase your earnings.