Harmful Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol Facts

  • Many of sexual assault victims report
    drinking at the time of their assault.
  • Many young drivers in fatal accidents,
    had unsafe blood alcohol levels.
  • Many legally underage children drink,
    while some report that their parents supply
    them with alcohol.

Today alcohol is a very popular drink. Know, though, that alcohol is a legal drug which many people, 12 years (legally under aged for drinking) and older, are drinking. Many drinkers imbibe on a regular basis, many are heavy drinkers and don't think they have a problem. This damaging liquid upsets many bodily functions including but not limited to liver and kidney damage, not to mention the interpersonal behavioral disruptions.

Possible Problems from Alcohol Consumption

  • Improper absorption of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.
  • Malfunctioning liver due to overload of fatty deposits generated from drinking.
  • Stomach ulcers due to excessive production of hydrochloric acid.
  • Leaky gut syndrome from improperly alkalized foods.
  • Hangover due to the dehydration brought on by excessive drinking.

Alcohol presents a many problems for your body's proper functioning, like dehydration and deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Drinking alcohol, then, weakens your immune system and reduces your ability to fend off diseases. Alcohol increases toxins in the body by reducing your body's efficient expulsion of them.